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How Does Japanese Startup Kamereo Develop Team & Grow Business in Vietnam?

Table of Contents

  1. Kamereo’s Path to Inception
  2. Building a Team with the “Customer-Centric” Ethos – Meeting Every Demand, No Matter How Minor
  3. Customer Feedback about Kamereo
  4. Conclusion

KAMEREO, at present, is recognized as a supplier of food and raw materials for businesses in the Food and beverage sector, encompassing Restaurants, Eateries, Cafes, Bars, Supermarkets, etc…. across diverse segments. Before reaching this stage, Kamereo underwent three transformations.

Initially, it was established as KameMart, to serve individual customers. Subsequently, as the market landscape evolved, KameMart transitioned into a shopping platform functioning similarly to e-commerce platforms. This platform facilitated connectivity between parties, enabling suppliers to provide and exchange goods with buyers. However, shortcomings emerged from suppliers, prompting the emergence of Kamereo to address complex challenges that the previous model could not effectively resolve.

Kamereo embarked on its journey by forming connections and sourcing fresh produce from farms in Dalat. Subsequently, a centralized warehouse was erected in Dalat to cater to the increasing demand for goods, while adhering to the quality demands of the misty land region. With expanding scale, Kamereo extended its partnerships to farms in the Củ Chi region, the Mekong Delta, and established its own VietGAP-standard farm spanning an area of up to 100,000m2.

The startup journey is also fully shared by Mr. Taku Tanaka in this video.

As the number of daily customers surged, each with distinct product requirements, we introduced a note-taking feature to cater to diverse customer requests for goods, including factors such as product sizes. At Kamereo, we frequently arrange produce of the same size together to align with customer needs. This contrasts with the market norm, where a plethora of produce sizes are often available, even within the same category.

To accommodate early delivery demands from customers, once farmers bring their produce to Kamereo’s warehouse, goods are loaded onto refrigerated trucks and dispatched overnight to Ho Chi Minh City. To ensure utmost freshness, Kamereo promptly processes and prepares goods upon arrival, facilitating early morning delivery to customers.

These are just a few of the daily tasks at Kamereo. We remain prepared and steadfast in our commitment to provide maximum customer service, consistently responding to various customer demands.

Mr. Yamamoto – Kohei’s Bar 

“Before utilizing Kamereo, I had to visit 2-3 different places to purchase everything I required. However, after adopting Kamereo, I could acquire all my necessities solely from Kamereo, which greatly eased the process for me.”

Mr. Quân – Luca Restaurant 

“Kamereo’s growth aligns with what F&B businesses require – competitive pricing and transparency.”

Mr. Danh – Laang Restaurant 

“In the food industry, on-time delivery is exceptionally vital. Kamereo’s delivery team provides a professional service that I can rely on. Additionally, their exceptional ingredient quality conforms to our input standards. Finally, they offer clear invoices.”

The journey of building and expanding any business is a captivating one. Kamereo possesses its unique voyage with narratives and lessons chronicled. This article represents a condensed version of Taku Tanaka’s insights regarding Kamereo’s development journey. We invite you to listen to the complete version of this video!

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