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Exchange/Return Policy at Kamereo

1. How to Request an Exchange/Return

  • For orders not in status “Delivering” or “Delivered”

After placing an order, if you’re not satisfied with the received order and wish to change products within the order, please contact our advisors or call Kamereo’s hotline at 0812 46 37 27 for assistance.

  • When the order is in “Being Delivered” or “Delivered” status:

Upon receiving the order, if you discover products of poor quality, damage, deformation, or breakage, please refuse the products with the delivery personnel. Simultaneously, contact our consultants or call Kamereo’s hotline at 0812 46 37 27 to request an exchange or return. Kamereo will promptly receive and process your exchange/return request at no cost.

2. Exchange/Return Conditions:

  • Products must be carefully preserved, undamaged, and show no signs of prior use.
  • The exchange/return period is within 1 day from the day you receive the product.