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Top 8 food ordering apps to help restaurant owners increase revenue

The models of online food ordering are increasingly developing with many interesting features, meeting the fast and convenient needs of consumers. Most restaurants and eateries now have a presence on at least one fast food delivery app to increase brand coverage and conversion rates to orders. Join Kamereo to explore the online food ordering apps that many consumers are using in the following article!

Some popular ordering apps currently in use
Some popular ordering apps currently in use

What are food ordering apps?

Food ordering apps are online food delivery platforms. These food ordering apps are specially designed to be compatible with various devices such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets. This is a modern technology application solution to meet the consumer demand for food delivery. At the same time, these apps also act as a bridge between restaurants and customers.

The development of online food ordering apps has addressed some issues that consumers often encounter such as:

  • Consumers can easily check the prices of each food item before making a decision.
  • Creating additional marketing channels for many restaurants and beverage shops with limited financial resources for marketing activities.
  • Helping restaurant chains collect potential customer data through food ordering apps.
Food ordering apps are a popular technology platform
Food ordering apps are a popular technology platform

The best online food ordering apps in 2024

In 2023, the global economy suffered heavily from economic recession. Accordingly, we witnessed one of the giants of food ordering apps – Baemin – leaving the Vietnamese market. This is a sad event for those who love the services of this unit. Below are the best online food ordering apps for both consumers and restaurants, eateries:


There is a joke that “1 square meter has 3 Grab drivers” somewhat reflects the crowdedness of the delivery force. With strong development from the international market, Grab has accumulated a lot of experience to adapt well to potential markets like Vietnam. Therefore, GrabFood has conquered many restaurants, eateries, and cafes thanks to its user-friendly app interface and reasonable delivery fees. At the same time, the app has over 26,900,000 app downloads and a series of attractive promotions to attract consumers.

When participating in GrabFood, restaurant owners can easily control daily revenue information, successfully delivered orders, and popular dishes through the management interface. The app is expanding two new programs: “Favorite Restaurants” and “Grab Kitchen” to suggest popular restaurants to consumers.

Therefore, restaurants need to improve the quality of food, implement attractive promotional programs to compete and attract customers. With the quickly established reputation, Grab has become one of the trusted brands in the market, attracting the attention of many consumers.

GrabFood is the leading giant in the food delivery industry
GrabFood is the leading giant in the food delivery industry


ShopeeFood, formerly known as Now, is one of the leading online food ordering apps with attractive offers and affordable prices. Although only accounting for about 41% market share in 2023, ShopeeFood is expected to be a formidable competitor to GrabFood.

In addition to ordering food through mobile apps and websites, ShopeeFood also allows users to order directly through the Shopee e-commerce platform. Besides, opening a store on this food ordering app is quite simple; restaurant owners only need to prepare necessary documents, submit applications, and wait for approval from Shopee.

As of now, the commission rate of ShopeeFood has increased significantly compared to the initial rate. However, this is offset by the fact that restaurant owners can access a large user community on ShopeeFood and Shopee. Thus, revenue can be achieved through selling on the app to compensate for the commission fee.

ShopeeFood is the fastest growing food ordering app today
ShopeeFood is the fastest growing food ordering app today


GoFood is an online food ordering platform integrated into the Gojek app. This food ordering app offers many benefits and important support for restaurants and cafes during cooperation. Accordingly, GoFood provides reasonable discounts, supports sending discount information, and enhances brand promotion to customers using the app.

In addition, restaurant owners can track overall statistics on food delivery activities within specific periods. This helps you easily adjust policies, prices, and menus to fit specific market needs.

GoFood is integrated into the Gojek app, convenient for users
GoFood is integrated into the Gojek app, convenient for users


beFood is seen as an important milestone, contributing to completing the open technology ecosystem of the Be app. With a variety of services from transportation, delivery, food ordering, shopping assistance, buying plane tickets, bus tickets, Cake digital bank by VPBank to many other utilities such as buying insurance, topping up mobile phones, … this app attracts many users to download.

According to Be’s survey, the “popular food menu” on BeFood now is not only limited to snacks during break times but also includes daily main meals of Vietnamese people such as noodles, pho, broken rice, … This shows that BeFood is now more present in the daily lives of Vietnamese consumers to meet essential needs.

For restaurant owners, beFood offers attractive discounts for partner stores. Through this food ordering app, restaurant owners have a competitive advantage, convenience in delivery, and cost savings.

beFood helps restaurant owners have more advantages in business
beFood helps restaurant owners have more advantages in business


Loship, the predecessor of Lozi – a famous food review channel that many users are interested in. Thanks to that, this app can access a large number of old customers from Lozi right from its launch.

Loship attracts the attention of restaurants, eateries, cafes, and consumers with attractive delivery policies, helping restaurants increase revenue quickly. Moreover, when becoming a partner of Loship, you will be exempt from maintaining an online store annually, helping restaurant owners can rest assured in business without worrying about increasing fees like other apps.

Loship food ordering app owns a large user base from Lozi review channel
Loship food ordering app owns a large user base from Lozi review channel


Ahamove is a famous delivery service trusted by many people. Besides, the food ordering platform of this app is also quite prominent. With over 25,000 drivers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and other major cities, Ahamove is committed to providing fast food delivery service at the most competitive cost.

During cooperation, restaurant owners will be supported with store maintenance costs, posting discount information, advertising messages, and many other attractive utilities. Regarding delivery service, the shipping fee is discounted by up to 22% compared to regular express delivery services. The service fee is only 18,000 VND for orders within the first 3 km radius and an additional 5,000 VND for each subsequent km.

Moreover, Ahamove also has many promotional programs applied to Super Express food delivery service for customers such as flat rate shipping fee program or free shipping for the first 10 orders. Restaurant owners can follow information and register to participate in these programs through the Website, Fanpage, Ahamove app, or partner channels to increase revenue.

Ahamove is no longer unfamiliar in the food delivery market
Ahamove is no longer unfamiliar in the food delivery market


Capichi is a Japanese food delivery service in Ho Chi Minh City that focuses on providing exceptional experiences for both consumers and F&B outlets. This food ordering app has the participation of many famous brands from Japan.

With a simple registration process and commitment to quality, Capichi is a great choice for F&B stores looking to increase online sales and bring satisfaction to consumers.

Capichi is a food ordering app from Japan
Capichi is a food ordering app from Japan

Delivery K

Delivery K is a Korean-style food ordering app with more than 100,000 app downloads. Delivery K brings together a system of restaurants with diverse cuisines such as Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, and European. This will help users have more choices, suitable for each taste and preference.

Especially, when participating in Delivery K, restaurant owners will be provided with a training program to guide them on how to use the app effectively. Moreover, they will also be consulted on building a reasonable menu, designing promotional programs to attract customers, and many other essential contents.

Delivery K - Korean style food ordering app with diverse cuisine system
Delivery K – Korean style food ordering app with diverse cuisine system

Benefits of becoming a partner of food ordering apps

If you are a restaurant owner, eatery, or café, the power of food ordering apps cannot be denied. Below are some benefits of having an online presence on these platforms:

In the past, restaurants could only hire delivery staff within a 5km radius to deliver food to customers. Therefore, customers had to order large quantities or high-value orders for the delivery person to make a single trip.

Over time, consumers have gradually shifted from offline shopping to online shopping. This is largely due to food ordering apps constantly launching promotional programs to attract customers, making ordering food easier, more appealing, and more cost-effective. Consequently, the concept of food delivery has become increasingly popular with consumers, forming habits that are sustained to this day.

Online delivery is gradually becoming a trend
Online delivery is gradually becoming a trend

Increasing order values

A common habit among customers today is ordering food along with drinks. This habit allows restaurant owners and café owners to increase the variety of food and drinks. Additionally, combining items into attractive combos at a better price than buying them separately also encourages customers to make larger purchases at your establishment.

Group ordering discounts

The main reason group ordering has become popular is not only the enjoyment of dining together but also the reduced delivery fees when ordering collectively. For example, if the delivery fee is 33,000 VND but there are only 3 people ordering, each person will have to pay 11,000 VND.

However, if more friends or colleagues are invited, consumers can save costs based on the total number of people ordering. This is also why a single order typically contains various food items.

Moreover, food ordering apps often offer large discounts for high-value orders. The more customers order, the more benefits they receive. Opening a store on these platforms can help boost revenue based on the volume of orders for food and drinks.

Group discounts stimulate more food orders
Group discounts stimulate more food orders

Fast delivery even for single items

When ordering through food ordering apps, consumers can choose to order only one item. At this point, delivery personnel will come to the restaurant to pick up the order and deliver it to the customer. This is a convenient solution for many busy users who do not have time to visit the restaurant. Restaurant owners can also reach a large number of customers by selling on food ordering apps instead of missing out on offline sales opportunities due to lack of time to visit.


These are some popular food ordering apps used in the market. For restaurant owners, eateries, and cafes, this is an ideal opportunity to promote their brand and increase revenue with lower costs. Stay tuned to the Business Tips section for more interesting information!

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