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How to choose delicious fruits for your restaurant?

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Fresh fruits are always one of the essential factors in attracting and retaining customers for your restaurant. However, choosing fresh fruits is not a simple task. In this article, let’s explore some secrets to selecting fresh fruits for your restaurant with Kamereo!

How to choose delicious fruits for your restaurant?

Choose fruits according to the season

One of the most important factors in choosing fresh fruits is seasonality. Seasonality affects the price and quality of fruits a lot. For example, the season for some fruits such as mangoes, watermelons, coconuts, and strawberries usually lasts from May to August. Meanwhile, the season for some other fruits such as green pomelos, passion fruit and green mangoes is usually from September to December. Therefore, when choosing fruits, you should learn about their seasonality to ensure that you choose the freshest and most reasonably priced fruits.

How to choose delicious fruits for your restaurant?

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Choose fruits with fragrance

The fragrance of fruits is a very important indicator to evaluate their quality. One of the best ways to choose fruits is to bring your nose close to check the aroma. If the fruit has a characteristic and natural fragrance, then it is a good sign of the quality of that fruit.

Choose fruits with bright colours

The colour of fruits is also an important indicator to evaluate their quality. Fresh fruits usually have bright and beautiful colours. When choosing fruits, you should choose the ones with beautiful and bright colours. Fruits with beautiful colours usually have better quality and higher nutritional value. You should also avoid fruits with faded or uneven colours.

How to choose delicious fruits for your restaurant?

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Choose fruits with intact skin

The skin protects the fruit from bacteria and external agents, if the skin is damaged, crushed or cracked, it is very likely that the inside of the fruit is also spoiled. Therefore, the fruit skin is a factor that helps you check the quality of the fruit whether it is rotten or not.

Choose fruits with appropriate ripeness

Fruits will have different flavours depending on their ripeness. The preference also depends on each person. Usually, fresh fruits will have a moderate ripeness and not be too ripe or unripe. The secret when choosing fruits is that you should choose fruits with moderate ripeness to enjoy the best flavour or choose green fruits and let them ripen according to your preference.

How to choose delicious fruits for your restaurant?

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Choose fruits with clear origin

It goes without saying that the origin of the fruit is a very important factor to evaluate its quality. Fruits produced in good lands and with suitable conditions to grow, usually have better quality than fruits produced in unsuitable lands.

How to choose delicious fruits for your restaurant?

When choosing fruits, you should prioritize fruits with clear origins. This not only helps you enjoy the full dish but also ensures your health, your family and your loved ones.

Check the fruit before buying

Choosing fresh fruit is very important for restaurants in Vietnam. With the above notes and experiences, Kamereo wishes you to easily choose fresh and quality products for your restaurant’s dishes. In addition, choosing fresh fruit is also a way to show care and respect for your customers. You can also look up and discover fresh and fully sourced foods at Kamereo!

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