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Top 5 brunch cafes in Saigon

If you’re a foodie then you would have noticed that the brunch trend is taking its place lately. Brunch is the combination of breakfast and lunch. It could be understood as a meal served between breakfast and lunch time. Many cafes and restaurants are introducing their brunch menus, not to mention those cafes recently opened dedicated to be a brunch spot.

Brunch is not a new trend in other countries like the U.K, Australia,… but it’s definitely emerging in Ho Chi Minh city.

And of course, as big of a foodie as we are, KAMEREO will give you the top 5 brunch cafes that we think you should try.

The Vintage Emporium

We couldn’t start our list with anywhere else other than The Vintage Emporium. This cafe is already very well known to many locals and travellers. It’s probably a leader of the brunch trend in Saigon. They have 2 cafes, 1 in D1 and the other one in D2. Here are the entrances…

The one in D1 is a bit tucked away on a smaller street, so you’d have to pay attention a bit more to recognise the sign and the entrance.

The cafe’s decor really lives up to its name. So many small touches of vintage items, including the styles of the chairs and tables.

So if you want a trip down your childhood memories lane while having lunch, this cafe couldn’t be more perfect for you. These interiors are also what makes the cafe so unique. They create a harmony of the space, yet a little bit edgy, just right for a brunch cafe.

And did we mention that in D2, you can absolutely enjoy your meal by the pool, or in it if you’d prefer?

So how about the food?

Well the menu has all the essential brunch dishes that anyone would love.

The most popular items on their all day breakfast menu are the Hearty Breakfast, Pancakes and Toasted Muesli. If you take a tour through the cafe, you’d probably see one the these 3 around on the tables.

Avocado and vegetables they serve are always taste so fresh and look good as well. The bacon is usually crispy enough, not too salty but go so well with the bread. They also have the choice gluten free bread if you’d like.

If you’d feel like a more fruity breakfast, a toasted muesli bowl is your best friend. Fresh fruit, with the cooling taste of yogurt combined with the crunchiness of muesli is pure deliciousness in a bowl.

And of course, for all the instragrammers out there, let’s not skip their colourful latte. The most popular seems to be the pink latte, made with no food colouring, just beetroot and ginger. They also have gold latte, blue latte and other basic lattes as well.

Over all, the food is very on point, aesthetically pleasing just like any brunch place should be.

Address: 95B Nguyen Van Thu, D.1 or No. 1 Street 39, Thao Dien, D.2.

Average spend: 150k-200k/pax


L’Usine is another famous name in Saigon. A lot of people have already known about them as a restaurant and cafe with higher price and finer experience. They also have a shop corner at each cafe selling clothing, souvenirs, fashion accessories. However, we’re not going into details of restaurant food, desserts in general but rather sticking to the topic, which is their brunch options.

One of the factors that really gives customers a higher end experience yet still casual is the space and the minimalistic decor.

With a space like this, with the utilisation with direct sunlight creating a coziness, anyone would love to enjoy their brunch with loved ones here.

Now let’s get on to the food.

L’Usine covers basic breakfast / brunch food such as avocado on toast, eggs Benedict or English breakfast.

Recently, they’ve added more deliciousness to their all day lunch menu.

Their hotcakes would probably be the prettiest hotcakes you’ve ever seen. But it doesn’t stop at just the look, the cake itself is so fluffy topped with the sweetness of maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream and then a touch of freshness from the fruit and seeds on top. A hearty breakfast for those sweet tooth out there.

Their salmon toast is another gem, fresh salmon on top of not just a normal slice of bread, it’s soy and linseed bread for this. All bind together with a sprinkle of pickled shallots.

Another must try we want to mention is their french toast. As airy texture combine with a smooth taste of their brioche slices, topped with honey, ice-cream and crushed meringue would go so well with a cup with coffee.

Speaking about coffee, their coffee is actually very nice. L’Usine has a wide drinks menu with juices, smoothies, etc. but their espresso based coffee is quite strong and aromatic.

Address: 19 Le Thanh Ton, D.1 or 151 Dong Khoi, D.1 or 70B Le Loi, D.1

Average spend: 200k/pax

Cafe Marcel

Now most of us must have heard about the famous Marcel Gourmet burger already, if not, you can check out our article here. Marcel team has recently added a new addition to their family which is Cafe Marcel, a wonderful breakfast and brunch spot.

Of course, Marcel never seized to amaze us with the aesthetic store decor…

… as well as the food.

How can a brunch place be complete without an avocado on toast dish?

Cafe Marcel has Avocado Tartines for you with fresh Avocado from Dalat on sour-dough toast, topped with yogurt, eggs and feta cheese.

And here comes a special one…

A Middle Eastern style Shakshuka. What’s in it? We have a combination of simmering tomatoes, onions, garlic, spices and poached eggs. This couldn’t be a more perfect breakfast dish.

And yes to the fruit lovers, they have a wonderful smoothie bowl…

A wonderful cooling blend of coconut milk, banana, berries, granola and then topped with crunchy toasted coconut flake. Perfectly healthy and totally Instagram worthy.

Besides, they also have French toast if you want some fluffy sweet!

Their coffee and juice are not to be underestimated. Juices is made fresh and coffee is good quality as well. A bonus is that they’re all served with environmental straws. Talking about keeping up with trends!

Address: 96 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ben Nghe, D.1

Average spend: 200k/pax

Godmother Bake & Brunch

Now this one is a “new kid on the block”! Anyone who’s a fan of Melbourne hipster brunch cafes would absolutely love this one.

The pink theme and the aesthetic food, who wouldn’t want to try this right?!

They’ve just had their grand opening very recently but the cafe is always packed.

Godmother Breakfast can be considered their signature, such a hearty meal. Eggs, bacon, sausage, mushroom, veggies served on sour-dough toast, all combined to be your comfort breakfast.
Their pancakes are also beloved! the airy soft texture combined with fruit and syrups is really heart capturing!

Acai Super Berry Bowl is one of their pride as well! Cool yourself down in Saigon’s heat with coconut milk, oats, mixed berries, banana topped with almond flakes.

Address: 4 Dong Khoi, Ben Nghe, D.1

Average spend: 200k/pax

Au Parc

We would like to end our list with a more unique brunch spot, and Au Parc would be the perfect place for that. Au Parc restaurant is another well known restaurant in Saigon for its mediterranean cuisine. But then again, we will focus on the brunch side of Au Parc in this blog!

They offer a variety of smoothie bowl, alternating different fruit ingredients and nuts for different tastes.

They don’t just offer avocado and eggs on toast like any other brunch place. A twist of mediterranean cuisines is incorporated into the brunch menu.

Of course if you want a traditional eggs and bacon with toast meal, it’s also available. But avocado is made more interesting with salad bowl served with shrimps.

If you love mediterranean food but also want to catch up on a brunch date with friends and family then Au Parc is amazing for you!

Address: 23 Han Thuyen, Ben Nghe, D.1

Average spend: 200k-250k/pax

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