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Ever Sweet: New Bakery in Saigon review – by Cheri The Glutton

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There have been more and more restaurants in Saigon recently! Especially the area where a bakery I would like to introduce today is located, is being developed really fast!

New Hot Spot: The South Side Of Ben Thanh Market

The Ben Thanh Market is almost squared in shape and there are entrances in the center of each side. The entrance of south side of the market, Le Loi Street on that side, leads straight to Pho Duc Chinh street. Have you been there? When going down the street towards the Saigon river, you will find a new hot spot. There are many new restaurants in that area. Cool! My go-visit-list includes 6 places in the area. One of them is this place called

Ever Sweets. We haven’t seen this type of bakery yet. It’s grand-opened in a corner and is quite huge.  

There’s a Chinese name, so I assumed it’s from Taiwan or somewhere, but milk coffee and citrus tea are from Korea. It’s hard to tell where the brand originated from.

Inside the bakery, there’s showcase seemingly like a truck. Cute!

Ok, let me check on the breads….well, apparently they change their items day by day. Maybe still on a trial period.

Lovely And Inspirational Breads

There are some mini regular breads but their main items are stuffed bread, pastries and so on.

Though I haven’t had the ones above, they look good. There were some a bit burnt next to them… but still   

I was so tempted to try all of these (I cannot help it!)

Wow, look at this doggy bread! Pork floss is used as hair. How creative is that!

Oh hey, pitch-black blackies! Your eyes are out of focus.

Oh Teddies, you guys too…. What happened.


This place has full of full of variety in drinks, and what I like about it is they have a category for lemon drinks (Nuoc Chanh).

Needless to say they have matcha and coffee, main drinks are tea apparently. Lemon teas are good for this hot season, isn’t it?

At the bakery they use fresh squeezed lemon, not sirup. Of course they can change the sweetness as you like.

THAT Croissant

So I went with a tea with lemon and some kind of citrus this time…

Oh wow! YELLOW lemon is in the tea!! It’s hard to find it in Vietnam. I mean I like lime too but lemon has different flavour. I used to have it often back in Japan, so I’m happy with this. The tea is less sweet as I requested “Just a bit, please”. Nice!  

This croissant was available at 12k Vietnamese Dong. As you can see, there’s sirup on top. It’s not sticky and not too sweet. Crispy outside and good texture inside. Beautiful!

Wait, I’d tried this taste in the past. Where did I try…. Oh yes, that one! I tried it  at FORNO del MIGNON in Hakata Station in Japan! The savory from the bakery embraces the whole station and we love it (Few readers have visited there, I know…).

Now I can have that croissant in Saigon. How Nice! We have some bakeries with good croissants in Saigon but they are a bit pricey. Every time I’m one of those places, I would be like ”Is it worth it?”…

But I can enjoy this croissant somewhat casually. Great! They have plain breads too, so I will try those next time.  

The place was clean, neat and relaxing too. What’s more, it’s pretty spacious as well, because there are 5 stories in the restaurant. What else? Oh, their staff were helpful too.

I wonder if they will open another branch in the center of the city next, if this bakery gets popular. This area didn’t have good bakery/cafe chains, so it’s great to have this beautiful bakery there.

Hope you have a good time at Ever Sweet.

Bakery Detail

Ever Sweet / Bakery and Beverage

210 Nguyen Cong Tru Q1

Time : 06:30 – 22:00

Spent : 62,000 vnd / pers0n

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