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The Hottest Beverage Trends of Summer 2023 in Vietnam

Keeping up with the changing culinary landscape and food trends among young people greatly interests F&B brands. However, the summer of 2023 deserves to be recognized as a “culinary history” with numerous new and unique beverage trends. Let’s explore them in this article with Kamereo the hottest beverage. Summer always brings a fresh and creative touch to cuisine, especially beverages. As the hot sun emerges, the beverage trends shift towards refreshing drinks that can quickly cool down and make customers feel comfortable. Staying updated with trendy beverages will contribute to increasing the customer base and expanding the reach of your business.

1. Fruit Tea:

Regardless of the years that have passed, fruit tea has never been absent from any beverage menu. The upcoming summer is a time when tropical fruits come into season, providing abundant choices for creativity. Fruit tea is often made from black tea, oolong tea, and fruits like peach, strawberry, orange, etc. It can be said that this type of beverage combines traditional and modern flavours, offering a unique twist and attraction. Starting off the fruit tea trend in 2023, we cannot forget to mention “Soursop Fruit Tea” – the hottest drink in the beverage trends. This beverage has a slightly bitter and refreshing taste of tea, along with a tangy, sweet, and gentle aroma from soaked soursop fruit, which is greatly favoured by Vietnamese youth.


In addition, this year’s fruit tea menu also features the uniqueness of “Mangosteen Tea” and “Red Plum Tea.” These beverages are created with seasonal fruits, ensuring freshness to serve customers and catering to stores in search of menu revitalization.

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2. Detox Juices:

After the Covid period, people are more concerned about health through healthy habits and detoxifying drinks made from fresh fruits and vegetables. Detox juices are made from natural fruits and vegetables and carefully combined according to specific recipes. Besides the detoxifying effect, eliminating toxins and providing essential vitamins, they also support a healthy digestive system and effective weight loss. That’s why detox juices are highly favoured by office workers. Some popular detox juice options include apple & celery, cucumber & carrot…

3. Salted Coffee:

A beverage that cannot be missed by Vietnamese people, in general, is coffee. Therefore, the development of diverse types of coffee is always paid special attention. Salted Coffee is not entirely new in Vietnam. The origin of Salted Coffee can be traced back to the dreamy city of Hue, created by a garden coffee shop on Nguyen Luong Bang Street.

With the power of social media, Salted Coffee has become viral, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. The essence of coffee is its bitter taste, so when combined with the flavour of salt, it helps balance the sweet and bitter taste of coffee, creating a harmonious blend with a rich and lingering fragrance on the palate, making it hard to resist. This brewing method delivers a cup of coffee with a strong and savoury aroma, which is equally stimulating and unusual.


The beverage market is a thriving industry, and as the population grows, it means that the market is expanding. Brands and coffee shops need to continuously innovate and employ breakthrough marketing strategies to attract customers. Nutritional value is one of the top concerns when customers choose beverages. Researching and introducing the market to flavorful and “healthy” beverages is predicted to be a developing trend in the coming years. Hope this list of the hottest beverage trends was a good suggestion for you.

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