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5 Refreshing Drinks For Saigon’s Summer Heat

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We are in the peak of Saigon’s blazing summer, which influences our health issues as well as state of mind for working and studying.

Today, we would love to suggest you 5 non-alcoholic drinks for this summer with simple steps to make them. We hope this summer drinks can make you feel refreshed and recharged for an effective working day.

1. Coconut water

In Vietnam, the coconut is the most popular fruit that we can buy from the market to supermarket, grocery store,… Coconut water is rich in potassium and other minerals that helps regulate body fluids, replenish and rehydrate the body in hot weather or sweaty exercise.

It’s very easy for you to prepare a glass of fresh coconut water: 1 coconut, ice cubes (if you want to drink cold), 1/2 tbs sugar (for more sweet taste). Add fresh coconut water and sugar in a glass and stir them well. Then, add some ice cubes and enjoy your this beverage.

2. Cucumber juice

Cucumber is plentiful in water, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This fruit not only makes your skin gorgeous with vitamin C, zeaxanthin, lutein but also quench your thirst with a high water content in these summer days.

We suggest a simple implementation for making a glass of this summer drink with basic ingredients that you must not miss out on.
– Add the cleaned cucumbers in juicer.
– Pour it in a glass, add some water, sugar or honey, a little lemon juice. Stir them well and tailor this drink for your taste accordingly.

3. Tomato juice

Tomato is within the berries family, which is rich in water, vitamin A, C,… and minerals. In addition to its amazing nutrients and benefits for your skin health, the vitamins in tomatoes neutralizes the free radicals that causes cancer and heart disease. 1 glass of sweet and sour tomato juice in the middle of lunch break helps keep your body awake, gain full of energy for the next working hours.

It’s really simple for you to make this non-alcoholic summer drink:
-Add some cleaned tomatoes in juicer.
-Pour it in a glass, add some water, sugar or honey and stir well, tailor it for your taste.

4. Guava juice

Guava is a great source of vitamin C supplement and fibre for your body. With a cold guava juice, it will bring satisfied and relaxed feeling for a muggy summer day.

To make a sweet glass of guava juice, you just follow these simple steps:
-Juice some fresh guava, quantity depends on your liking (you can soak guava in sugar water to release acrid taste before using).
-Put this juice into a glass, add some water, sugar, a little salt, and then stir well, adjust salt and sugar to your taste.

5. Mixed juices

If each fruit has different nutritional components and flavours, a combination of fruits will contribute to increase nutrition and taste of the drink. Let’s choose fruits of different colors to your favorite, wash them thoroughly and cut into thin slices. In turn, put in a glass in layers and filter water. You can also add chia seeds and sugar for your taste.

Put it in the fridge with some mint leaves on top. It can’t be denied that having a refreshing summer drink to keep your body cool is a blessed feeling for you to beat the heat.

Refresh and replenish your body with the above suggestion of the best summer beverages! All fruits are good for the body and the state of mind, which should be supplementary as your daily meals.
If you do not have enough time to prepare ingredients, you can choose canned juices instead, but still guarantee the delicious and cool taste.
Wish you enjoy a refreshing and happy summer!

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