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Summarizing the common types of yogurt widely used in the market

Summarizing the common types of yogurt widely used in the market

Yogurt belongs to the dairy food group and is often consumed after each main meal. Particularly, this product contains a rich supply of minerals, vitamins, and beneficial probiotics that are good for health. Let’s explore the popular types of yogurt in the following article together with Kamereo, based on your usage needs and preferences!

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

  1. Packaged/Cup Yogurt – A Childhood Favorite
  2. Creamy/Cut Yogurt
  3. Fruit-Flavored Drinking Yogurt
  4. Sticky Rice Yogurt
  5. Nep Cane Thach Yogurt
  6. Layered Yogurt
  7. Soy Yogurt
  8. Jackfruit Yogurt
  9. Greek Yogurt
  10. Dried Yogurt/Yogurt Powder

Packaged/Cup Yogurt – A Childhood Favorite

Firstly, packaged yogurt is a name closely associated with the childhood of many generations born in the 80s and 90s. This delicious food is widely popular in the market, packaged in simple foil cups. Despite the basic packaging, the quality is highly regarded. Nowadays, there are many recipes for making packaged yogurt available on various websites. You can easily prepare it at home using simple ingredients such as milk and sugar. However, the position of this product may still be overshadowed by other yogurt types in the market.

Homemade yogurt is still true love no matter how many generations pass
Homemade yogurt is still true love no matter how many generations pass

Creamy/Cut Yogurt

When mentioning yogurt types, creamy or cut yogurt cannot be ignored. This is an ideal refreshing treat on hot summer days, and it comes in various flavors such as vanilla, cocoa, and fruit. With just the right sweetness, a slight tanginess, and the original cold sensation, creamy yogurt provides an explosion of taste and helps cool down the heat outside. Creamy yogurt is a favorite snack among young people.

Soft yogurt is one of the types of yogurt snacks that are popular with young people

Fruit-Flavored Drinking Yogurt

Continuing with popular yogurt types, fruit-flavored drinking yogurt is widely consumed today. This yogurt variant with natural fruit flavors brings a characteristic sweet and tangy taste. The product is conveniently packaged in plastic or glass bottles, making it easy to enjoy. The vibrant color of the fruit layer at the bottom and the white yogurt layer on top contribute to a more enjoyable taste.

Fruit yogurt drinks are quite diverse in flavor
Fruit yogurt drinks are quite diverse in flavor

Sticky Rice Yogurt

If you’re looking for a delicious and creamy option, sticky rice yogurt is an ideal choice. The combination of yogurt and sticky rice allows the body to absorb more nutrients. The unique taste of sticky rice complements the tanginess of yogurt, making it suitable for providing nutrition to infants during the weaning stage, which traditional yogurts may not fulfill.

Black sticky rice yogurt is the perfect combination of delicious taste and nutrition

Nep Cane Thach Yogurt

Are you a fan of jelly desserts? If yes, you cannot miss yogurt with cane thach (a type of jelly made from seaweed). What sets this dish apart is the distinctive aroma of cane thach. In some places, it is even enjoyed with chewy pearls to enhance the overall experience.

Sticky rice jelly yogurt with rich topping

Layered Yogurt

If you are tired of traditional yogurts with a single flavor, try layered yogurt with various taste layers. Typically, layered yogurt has three layers with different flavors, but some places offer more layers to cater to customers’ preferences. These yogurts are visually appealing, with a combination of flavors from different yogurt types, ensuring you never get bored.

Layered yogurt with unique flavors on each layer

Soy Yogurt

Soy yogurt may sound unusual, but it is a suitable option for those allergic to lactose or following a vegetarian diet. Instead of using fresh cow’s milk, these yogurts use traditional fermented soy milk. Additionally, soy yogurt has lower saturated fatty acid content than regular yogurts, making it suitable for weight loss or diet plans.

Soy yogurt is made from fermented soybeans

Jackfruit Yogurt

Jackfruit yogurt is a popular fruit-flavored yogurt. Pieces of jackfruit are cut into bite-sized pieces, mixed with yogurt, and caramel to create a distinctive flavor. The sweet and fragrant taste of jackfruit blends harmoniously with the tanginess of yogurt, making it delicious for all ages.

You can enjoy jackfruit yogurt after your main meal
You can enjoy jackfruit yogurt after your main meal

Greek Yogurt

When discussing yogurt types, it would be incomplete not to mention Greek yogurt. This type of yogurt is recommended by nutritionists for its high nutritional content, especially for health-conscious individuals. Greek yogurt is rich in protein, calcium, and Vitamin B12 but contains fewer calories. Therefore, it is suitable for those on a diet or following a specific eating plan.

Greek yogurt is nutritious but low in calories
Greek yogurt is nutritious but low in calories

Dried Yogurt/Yogurt Powder

Although dried yogurt has only recently gained popularity, many people favor it. In addition to its convenience, it can be paired with various cereals to maximize nutritional intake. The taste of dried yogurt is not significantly different from regular frozen yogurts. However, the sensation of melting in the mouth will make it unforgettable.

Dried yogurt is commonly used as a convenient snack

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The above are various yogurt types commonly used in the market, each with its distinctive flavor. Currently, Kamereo provides wholesale quality yogurt to meet your business needs. Visit the store to choose suitable products and don’t forget to follow the Product Consulting section for the most useful information!

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