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Kamereo Introduces New Products: Pre-cut Vegetables and Ready-to-Eat Vegetables!

Nowadays, ready-to-eat products are becoming more popular due to their convenience. This is why Kamereo has introduced two product lines: Ready-to-Eat Vegetables and Processed Vegetables.

With Kamereo’s unwavering commitment to bringing the best products directly from the farm to consumers, both of these new product lines are attracting the attention of those looking for quick, healthy, and delicious food options. One particularly special aspect is that these products do not compromise on quality and maintain their freshness.

These products are part of Kamereo’s trial project and are currently available in some Ministop convenience stores. The list of these stores will be introduced at the end of the article. Let’s explore these new product lines together with Kamereo!

First on the list, Kamereo introduces you to 3 products:

🔹 Pre-cut Chinese cabbage

🔹 Chinese cabbage & Carrots

🔹 Mixed lettuce

Packaged in a compact 150g size, these products are suitable for preparing individual meals or combining with other ingredients to create a variety of dishes. For products that you haven’t used immediately or haven’t finished, you can easily store them in a cool place (0 – 4C) with a shelf life of up to 2 days.

Bộ 3 sản phẩm từ nhà Tắc Kè Xanh được bày bán rộng rãi tại chuỗi cửa hàng tiện lợi Ministop
Độ tươi ngon

In this list, Kamereo is currently testing 4 products and has received positive feedback from customers.

  • Fresh Lotus Seeds
  • Soup Vegetables
  • Cut Pumpkin
  • Mixed Vegetables

Indeed, as life becomes increasingly busy, ready-to-eat products are always the top choice. What’s particularly special is that these products are very convenient for those who want to save time cooking but still want to enjoy homemade food.

The Processed Vegetables products come in larger packaging (400g/pack) and are convenient for meals for 2-3 people. These products have a shelf life of up to 5 days when stored at a cool temperature (0 – 4’C).

Mẫu sản phẩm Rau Củ Sẵn Sàng Chế Biến của Kamereo, toàn bộ nguồn gốc đều xuất xứ từ Việt Nam.

You can easily find and purchase the Ready-to-Eat Vegetables and Processed Vegetables products at 22 Ministop stores in the Ho Chi Minh City area. Here is the list:

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  1. Hi! I’m base in Nha Trang and own a food shop online. May I buy your products? I’m interesting with your ready to cook products.

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