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Unpacking the Allure of Cheese Pull Coin Cakes

Recently, the online community and food enthusiasts have been abuzz about a certain 10-won cake. Coin cakes have become one of the hottest keywords on the Vietnamese culinary scene. Let’s decode the appeal of Coin Cakes in this article brought to you by Kamereo!

Cheese pull coin cake is a famous street food originating from South Korea. It gets its name because it resembles the 10-won coin from South Korea. The main ingredients for making these cakes include flour, eggs, milk, and, of course, the signature ingredient, stretchy mozzarella cheese.

These cakes are typically round, imprinted with the number 10-won (or other designs depending on the cake mold). After being baked to perfection, the cake’s outer layer turns a beautiful golden color, crispy on the outside, and soft and moist on the inside. In terms of flavor, the cake is rich in milky aroma with a hint of egg. The most important aspect is undoubtedly the gooey and aromatic mozzarella cheese filling. The cheese is like the soul of the coin cake, both enticing and visually appealing with its long cheese pulls.


The best way to enjoy a coin cake is when it’s hot. If left to cool, the cake loses its initial freshness, and the mozzarella cheese inside becomes stiff and no longer stretchy. So, a tip for you: savor it while it’s still hot or, even better, right at the shop.

According to surveys conducted with many customers, the majority of them, especially young people, discovered coin cakes through social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and the like. In other words, coin cakes gained their popularity through social media. 

Stirred by review clips that piqued their curiosity, many are willing to invest their time and effort, even waiting in long queues for hours just to get their hands on one. This phenomenon has even prompted internet users to personally experience this trendy treat. It’s evident that the power of the masses and the development of social media platforms have significantly contributed to the widespread fame of coin cakes.


Rumor has it that the Kamereo team couldn’t resist joining the hype and recently made a visit to try the hottest desert on social media. On that day, the Kamereo team went to Emart and bought a cake at the “Đồng Xu Hoàng Kim” cake stall, owned by the So Sweet brand. Kamereo is also honored to be a partner in supplying ingredients, including butter, eggs, and milk, to the So Sweet brand for producing this type of cake.


The coin cake trend has been booming since late September, but it wasn’t until now that our team had the chance to buy and taste it for the first time. We waited for about 15 minutes to have our cakes ready to enjoy. According to our team’s opinion, the cake is quite delicious. The outer layer resembles young chicken eggs, soft, moist, and slightly sweet.


Drawing from the experience of online users, our team savored the cake while it was still hot, and the cheese pull experience was indeed fascinating. The mozzarella cheese quality is quite impressive, with stretches of up to 1 meter. If you’re a cheese lover, this cake will be a delight, but if you’re wary of high-fat content, just one cake should be enough. Typically, most of us from the Kamereo team felt quite full after eating 2/3 of a cake. In conclusion, the coin cake is a unique and delightful treat worth experiencing. Moreover, if you want to see an honest review, you can watch Kamereo’s Coin Cake review video here.

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