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Explore types of the Modern Flavors of the trending Mooncakes

Referring to the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is impossible not to mention the moon cake – the cake that symbolizes the most beautiful full moon day of the year. In the previous article, Kamereo introduced you to the interesting origin of moon cakes. Continuing the series of articles on the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we invite you to discover the most “unique” moon cakes today!

Mooncake with sticky rice

Xeo must be a very familiar dish to Hanoians and Hanoi cuisine followers and almost everyone has eaten it a few times. Therefore, moon cake with sticky rice is also created.

Loạt bánh Trung thu nhân lạ có 1-0-2 tại Việt Nam, hương vị khiến nhiều tín đồ ẩm thực phải tò mò - Ảnh 1.

* The moon cake with sticky rice makes many people curious about the taste (Photo: Chang Hi Food & Dessert)

Similar to other types of water cakes, sticky rice mooncakes still have a burnt yellow crust but will be softer and more flexible. When cutting the cake, you will immediately see the filling of green beans, meat, shrimp, roasted white sesame and the smell of fragrant onion fat in the right sticky rice.

O Mai moon cake

Not only sticky rice but Hanoi’s typical o mai dish is also processed into moon cake filling. Normally, traditional moon cakes only have 2 flavours, sweet and salty, but o mai mooncakes have a very different sour taste. This is also the reason why many want to try this cake experience.

O Mai mooncakes have 2 types: baked cakes and flexible cakes with a moderate thickness of the crust, baked dry, not too soft. The filling inside will include chopped apricot, mixed with many different ingredients such as green tea, green beans, nuggets or mixed.

Black garlic moon cake

The combination of moon cake and black garlic just heard something wrong. Because in the past, black garlic often had a rather pungent smell and was only used in savoury dishes. Therefore, mooncakes filled with black garlic have a flavor that challenges many foodies.

Loạt bánh Trung thu nhân lạ có 1-0-2 tại Việt Nam, hương vị khiến nhiều tín đồ ẩm thực phải tò mò - Ảnh 16.

This type of cake does not use a golden baked crust like other cakes but instead has a smooth, black crust made from pureed black garlic. The filling consists of whole cloves of black garlic mixed with green beans, black beans, and mixed or roasted chicken with fish fins.

Black Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk Moon Cake

If you like black sugar pearl milk tea, then you can’t miss the black sugar pearl fresh milk mooncake. With a layer of soft, fatty black pearl filling mixed with delicious fresh milk cake, this mooncake brings a new and interesting experience.

Milk Tea Cheese Moon Cake

As a unique combination between the rich cheese flavor and the delicious taste of milk tea, milk tea cheese mooncakes will captivate the hearts of milk tea and cheese lovers. The cool sweetness of milk tea combined with the fatty taste of cheese creates a unique and delicious experience.

Mooncake filled with flowing lava

The new flowing lava mooncake has created a “fever” in 2022, especially for young people. The fragrant cake shell embraces the smooth, beautiful filling of many outstanding colors. The elaborate combination creates a delicious cake flavor that is suitable for many people’s tastes.

Bitter Chocolate Moon Cake

For those who love the taste of chocolate, the bitter chocolate moon cake is cleverly captured by the taste buds with its rich chocolate crust and greasy filling. Bitter Chocolate Mooncakes put on a modern taste combined with traditional colors that will make you irresistible.

Tiramisu Moon Cake

The delicate and classy taste of tiramisu is confirmed and reproduced in the mooncake tiramisu. With its soft crust and rich filling, it’s the perfect treat for those who love high-end flavors.

Durian Moon Cake

Durian seems to be a dish that is always in a state of “out of stock”. Exclusively for those who love special flavors, durian mooncakes bring the delicious and greasy taste of ripe durian fruit.

Coffee Moon Cake

Coffee Moon Cake is one of the equally interesting cakes in this suggestion of Kamereo. Coffee moon cake not only smells like coffee, but the cake also brings a greasy taste full of charm.

These delightful mooncakes are sure to immerse you in the delicious and unique flavors of each. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy these unique and attractive mooncakes in 2023!

Mooncakes are increasingly diverse with many new flavors, but they still retain their traditional features over time. The above list is just one of the interesting suggestions, how many of these cakes have you tried? Please share it with Kamereo!

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