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A compilation of 12 delicious Tet cakes for the lively year 2024

The Tet cake market in 2024 becomes most vibrant at the end of the year. The main reason is that people tend to buy Tet cakes to welcome guests during the Lunar New Year. Let’s explore 12 popular Tet cakes that many people love in the following article with Kamereo!

Table of Contents

  1. Various Tet Cakes 2024
    1. Richy Butter Waffles Egg Cake
    2. LU French Butter Cookies
    3. Cosy Mixed Butter Cookie with Ice Cream
    4. O&T Royal Danish Butter Cookies
    5. Solite Chocolate Swiss Roll with Chocolate Cream and Pandan Leaves
    6. Orion Choco-Pie
    7. Orion C’est Bon Chicken Flavored Sponge Cake
    8. Danisa Butter Cookies
    9. Choco PN Watermelon Marshmallow Chocolate-covered Cake
  2. Various Tet Sweets 2024
    1. KitKat Green Tea
    2. Ferrero Chocolate
    3. LOT100 Fruit-flavored Gummy Candy

Various Tet Cakes 2024

Surely, various Vietnamese New Year cakes are not unfamiliar to us. Let’s learn about the popular Tet cakes.

Richy Butter Waffles Egg Cake

Firstly, Richy butter egg cakes are one of the familiar brands in Vietnam. This cake is highly appreciated in the list of 2024 Tet cakes. Importantly, each cake is made from fresh ingredients and does not contain preservatives or harmful substances, ensuring safety and health for consumers.

In addition, Richy’s cake has a crispy crust, blending with the fragrant, sweet, and creamy egg flavor. This creates a unique culinary experience. Moreover, this new flavor gradually melts in the mouth, leaving a sweet aftertaste lingering on the palate. The cakes are conveniently packaged in small bags, suitable for family trips and outings with friends.

Reference price: About 36,500 VND per bag.

Richy Butter Waffles is a popular choice for Tet cakes

LU French Butter Cookies

These famous LU butter cookies come from the LU brand in France. Introduced to Vietnam in 1886, these butter cookies have maintained their delicious taste. Made from carefully selected natural ingredients without any chemicals, LU butter cookies are safe for health.

LU butter cookies not only bring delicious flavors but also provide essential nutrients. Therefore, this cake is popular and widely used in Vietnamese families, often chosen as a Tet gift for relatives and friends. LU butter cookies are sure to be a popular choice for the upcoming Tet 2024.

Reference price: About 132,000 – 180,000 VND per box.

LU French Butter Cookies have a long history

Continuing the list is the Cosy mixed butter cookies. This type of cake has a delicious, natural, and rich flavor hidden inside each crispy and fluffy cake. Moreover, Cosy butter cookies harmonize with the melting layer of sugar on the surface and the sweet ice cream layer. When you taste it from the first pieces, this distinctive flavor will surely attract and delight you.

Especially, Cosy butter cookies are a source of Calcium to support the development of the dental and bone system. Along with that is the DHA component to enhance cognitive abilities. With a light, not too greasy taste, the cake suits the taste of most Asians.

Reference price: About 137,000 VND per box.

Cosy is a familiar brand to Vietnamese families

O&T Royal Danish Butter Cookies

O&T Royal Danish butter cookies are one of the must-have Tet cakes in 2024. With a traditional formula originating from Denmark and using wholesome ingredients such as flour, butter, vegetable oil, these cookies offer high-quality treats that consumers love.

Notably, O&T Royal Danish butter cookies do not contain additives or preservatives, preserving the traditional long-standing flavor. The cookies are packaged in an elegant and royal-style design, making them an excellent gift for family and friends during Tet.

Reference price: About 140,000 VND per box.

O&T Royal Danish Butter Cookies have a delicious flavor
O&T Royal Danish Butter Cookies have a delicious flavor

Solite Chocolate Swiss Roll with Chocolate Cream and Pandan Leaves

Solite is a product from Kinh Do – a famous and long-standing brand in Vietnam. The cake is made from ingredients such as eggs, palm oil, milk, wheat flour, creating a distinctive and delicious aroma. Moreover, Solite cake ingredients provide abundant energy with essential vitamins for the body.

Solite Swiss roll is also an excellent choice for breakfast or a light meal after work or study. Specifically, this cake is packaged in a box with various small cake samples, ensuring hygiene and convenience when used.

Reference price: About 59,000 VND per box.

Solite is one of the essential Tet cakes in Vietnam

Orion Choco-Pie

Choco-Pie is a premium product from the Korean brand Orion. This cake is favored for its diverse flavors and excellent quality. With natural ingredients such as flour, glucose, vegetable fat, cocoa powder, wheat, vanilla powder, marshmallow, Choco-Pie offers an irresistible and unique taste.

In addition to its enticing taste, Choco-Pie also supplements essential vitamins and minerals for the body. The product does not use artificial coloring agents and preservatives. Packaged in a box with individually wrapped cake pieces, Choco-Pie is a convenient choice for various occasions, from work and study to travel and outdoor activities.

Reference price: About 11,700 – 56,000 VND per box, depending on packaging.

Orion’s Choco-Pie offers multiple packaging options to suit different needs

Orion C’est Bon Chicken Flavored Sponge Cake

When it comes to Tet cakes, Orion C’est Bon chicken-flavored sponge cake should not be overlooked. This product comes from the Korean confectionery company Orion, based in Munbae-dong, Yongsan district, Seoul. Orion C’est Bon is a perfect choice for the daily breakfast of families, especially during Tet when there are fewer open eateries. The soft, fragrant, and fatty sponge cake combined with flavorful chicken fibers will bring a delightful experience to your taste buds.

Reference price: About 22,900 VND per bag.

C'est Bon is a Tet cake that many families love
C’est Bon is a Tet cake that many families love

Danisa Butter Cookies

Danisa butter cookies are an indispensable part of the upcoming Tet 2024. With a crispy texture, fragrant butter and milk aroma, and various flavor options for users to choose from, this cake always takes center stage on the table for welcoming guests. The Danisa butter cookies box has a luxurious design, following the royal style. Therefore, it is an excellent gift for relatives and friends during Tet.

Reference price: About 25,000 – 198,000 VND per box.

Danisa butter cookies are no longer a stranger on the first day of the year
Danisa butter cookies are no longer a stranger on the first day of the year

Choco PN Watermelon Marshmallow Chocolate-covered Cake

Choco PN, with its delicious aroma and rich taste of chocolate combined with a layer of marshmallow, brings an explosive and fantastic sensory experience. In addition, the cake has the wonderful fragrance of watermelon, increasing the mouthwatering sensation. The eye-catching red packaging is a perfect choice for gifting to family and friends during the Year of the Tiger.

Reference price: About 55,000 VND per box.

Choco PN is a famous chocolate cake in Vietnam
Choco PN is a famous chocolate cake in Vietnam

Various Tet Sweets 2024

In addition to various Tet cakes, sweets are an essential part of the celebration. This will be an excellent choice for families with many children.

KitKat Green Tea

This product belongs to the KitKat series from the Nestle brand, which was once very popular in the F&B market. KitKat green tea is a candy with a layer of green tea chocolate covering the entire crispy wafer inside. Therefore, this candy brings a unique and characteristic flavor of green tea. With a sweet and aromatic taste, KitKat green tea has gained the favor of many young people.

Moreover, KitKat green tea is not just a delicious Tet candy; it also offers many health benefits. Green tea is known for its ability to enhance antibacterial activity, help prevent some diseases such as cancer, reduce cholesterol, and support cardiovascular health. Additionally, each KitKat green tea bag includes individually wrapped candy bars, keeping the product hygienic and convenient to carry.

Reference price: About 74,000 VND per bag.

KitKat green tea is no longer unfamiliar to the youth
KitKat green tea is no longer unfamiliar to the youth

Ferrero Chocolate

Chocolate is always a favorite snack not only for children but also for adults. Therefore, Ferrero chocolate brings a great experience to fans of the long-standing Ferrero brand.

The special feature of Ferrero chocolate is the premium chocolate layer combined with the sweet, rich flavor of pure cocoa and creamy milk. This creates the distinctive flavor of Ferrero chocolate, providing moments of relaxation and enjoyment from the harmonious combination of Italian flavors.

Reference price: About 38,000 VND per pack or 70,000 VND per box.

Ferrero is a delicious Tet candy
Ferrero is a delicious Tet candy

LOT100 Fruit-flavored Gummy Candy

Finally, LOT100 is a special imported Tet candy in this list. The product does not have a strong sweet taste; instead, it offers a refreshing and delicious fruit flavor. With a mild and easy-to-eat flavor, LOT100 fruit-flavored gummy candy provides a unique tasting experience.

LOT100 fruit-flavored gummy candy, conveniently packaged in bags, is a perfect choice to bring along for family outings during Tet. The soft and colorful candies not only make a visual impression but also stimulate the taste buds of consumers.

Reference price: About 25,000 VND per bag.

LOT100 is a Tet candy with a distinctive flavor

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Above is a compilation of various Tet cakes for the year 2024. Hopefully, this article helps you easily choose the right products for your family’s Tet offerings. Don’t forget to regularly follow the Food Trends section to stay updated on the latest information!

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