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Types of hotel and resort services from basic to advanced

Hotel services are an essential part that contributes to the comfort and class of a hotel. Therefore, high-end hotels often offer accompanying services to provide the best experiences for customers. Let’s explore common types of services within hotels and resorts with Kamereo!

Table of Contents

  1. Dining and Bar Services
  2. Fitness Center – Restaurant Service
  3. Laundry Services at the Hotel
  4. Spa Services in Hotels
  5. Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel
  6. Airport Shuttle Service
  7. Meeting Room and Office Rental Services
  8. Air Conditioning System/Air Conditioning
  9. Integrated Golf and Tennis Courts
  10. In-Room Safe
  11. Alarm Clock Service
  12. Minibar Facilities
  13. In-Room Dining (Room Service)
  14. Additional Bed/Crib for Babies
  15. Swimming Pool Facilities

Dining and Bar Services

Currently, most reputable restaurants with a rating of 3 stars or higher have uniquely designed dining spaces. This helps cater to a large number of customers with culinary preferences during their stay.

Dining is an essential hotel service in large restaurants
Dining is an essential hotel service in large restaurants

For luxury hotels rated from 4 to 5 stars, dining services may include a restaurant complex. Especially with luxurious designs, they offer unique styles suitable for all customer groups.

In addition, bar services are also indispensable in high-end hotels. Depending on the specific conditions of each hotel, the location and design of the bar may vary. Some common types of drinks include beer, wine, and more.

Fitness Center – Restaurant Service

Currently, large-scale lodging facilities provide convenient hotel services. In this regard, fitness rooms where customers can exercise are indispensable. Services in this area include versatile gyms to meet the fitness needs of travelers during their hotel stay.

Fitness areas with modern equipment at the hotel's gym
Fitness areas with modern equipment at the hotel’s gym

Fitness centers are one of the services in luxury resorts and hotels. They are usually equipped with professional exercise machines and basic gym equipment, catering to entertainment and assisting those who exercise.

Laundry Services at the Hotel

Laundry service is a common amenity in most types of hotels. Today, medium-sized hotels to high-end resorts provide this service, meeting the needs of clothing hygiene and convenience for multi-day trips.

In addition, customers can choose between laundry options such as ironing, steaming, or premium dry cleaning, depending on preferences and personal needs. Using this hotel service not only saves time but also provides convenience in retrieving clothes compared to external service providers.

Laundry service ensures clean clothes for long journeys
Laundry service ensures clean clothes for long journeys

The hotel’s laundry department typically follows a professional process from receiving items to delivery, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Spa Services in Hotels

Customers, especially women, still have the need for relaxation, care, and beauty during their travels or business trips. This has led to the development of many spa services in high-end hotels. Typically, spas offer services such as relaxing massages, steam baths, facial treatments, shampoo services, and more, catering to diverse customer needs.

Luxury hotel spa services for staying guests
Luxury hotel spa services for staying guests

Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel

This is a basic amenity found in most hotel services today. However, the quality of Wi-Fi service may vary depending on the specific hotel. If you check in and do not find this amenity, contact the front desk for assistance.

Airport Shuttle Service

When traveling for leisure or business, customers do not need to worry about finding addresses or transportation to the hotel. Shuttle services provide the most comfortable experience for them. Depending on the scale and type of the hotel, this service may or may not be available. You can inquire with the front desk before deciding to book a room.

Airport shuttle services are usually available at upscale hotels
Airport shuttle services are usually available at upscale hotels

Meeting Room and Office Rental Services

Meeting room services at hotels are designed to meet the needs of business customers. They can organize events such as birthdays, weddings, company events, conferences, and more.

The scale of this hotel service may vary depending on each hotel, with seating capacity typically ranging from a few dozen to several hundred people. In particular, meeting rooms are equipped with complete tables, chairs, sound systems, and lighting to ensure convenience for organized events.

Large hotel conference room rental services
Large hotel conference room rental services

Air Conditioning System/Air Conditioning

Providing a separate air conditioning system is an indispensable hotel service. Most hotels nowadays are equipped with modern air conditioning systems with fast cooling capabilities. In addition, each room is equipped with a control panel for customers to easily adjust the temperature and use the facilities of the air conditioning system.

Integrated Golf and Tennis Courts

Golf and tennis courts are usually among the services in resorts targeting luxury customers. Because these areas have large areas and require considerable maintenance costs, they are classified as high-end amenities. Typically, these services are integrated into hotels, resorts, and high-end villas.

High-end resort golf amenities
High-end resort golf amenities

In-Room Safe

The hotel will provide instructions on how to use the safe available in each room. Therefore, you can place valuable items in the safe to ensure safety and avoid loss. In addition, you also need to follow the instructions, along with the hotel’s responsibilities regarding the care and preservation of these items.

Alarm Clock Service

If you need to use the alarm clock service, please contact the hotel’s front desk. Moreover, you can also set an alarm directly from the phone in the room, following the instructions provided near the phone. This helps you not to miss any goals during your trip.

Minibar Facilities

To ensure convenience and comfort for travelers in choosing drinks and snacks, each room is equipped with a minibar. These hotel service products are replenished daily, and used items will be included in the room bill. If you have special needs for drinks or snacks, you can contact the hotel staff.

The minibar is an indispensable part of today’s hotels

In-Room Dining (Room Service)

Consult with restaurant staff for a private dining experience right in your room. The hotel will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks 24 hours a day upon request. Therefore, you can read the in-room menu or contact the front desk to choose your meals.

Additional Bed/Crib for Babies

Some high-end hotels also support setting up beds or cribs for babies. This hotel service provides convenience for family groups when traveling. In addition, the cost will be added to the bill depending on your specific requirements.

Swimming Pool Facilities

It cannot be denied that the pool is an attractive amenity for travelers when choosing a resort hotel. The pool designs and arrangements are unique to each hotel and customer group.

Infinity pool with attractive views
Infinity pool with attractive views

Some popular pool designs include indoor pools, outdoor pools, and rooftop pools, which are a trend among young people. This type provides a unique experience for travelers to relax and enjoy the scenery below.

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Above are the types of hotel and resort services from basic to luxury that you should know. Some services may have additional charges, so you need to refer to the hotel regulations or ask the front desk directly. Stay tuned to the Business Tips section for more interesting information about hotels!

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