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Learn about Vinamilk’s product development strategy

Learn about Vinamilk's product development strategy

With decades of operation and accumulated experience, Vinamilk has built strong trust in the minds of customers. In addition to focusing on product quality, the company has also developed many other product brands to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Let’s explore Vinamilk’s product strategy with Kamereo in the following article!

Vinamilk offers a variety of products to best meet customer needs
Vinamilk offers a variety of products to best meet customer needs

Overview of Vinamilk company

Vinamilk was established in 1976, then quickly developed and led the dairy processing industry in Vietnam. Currently, the company holds about 44% of the total market share of liquid milk in 2022.

After over 40 years of operation, Vinamilk owns 14 farms and 13 dairy factories nationwide. Among them are 2 super dairy factories: Vietnam Dairy Factory specializing in producing liquid milk (with a capacity of 800 million liters/year) and Vietnam Powdered Milk Factory specializing in producing powdered milk (with a capacity of nearly 54,000 tons/year)…

With a wide distribution system throughout the country, Vinamilk has over 250,000 retail points stretching from North to South. Besides, the brand’s products have also been exported to many international markets such as France, the United States, Germany, Poland,…

In addition to business activities, Vinamilk also actively participates in social activities. A typical event is the “Vietnam High Soaring Milk Fund,” which has received many compliments. This helps Vinamilk build close and friendly relationships with Vietnamese consumers.

Vinamilk is the leading milk brand in Vietnam
Vinamilk is the leading milk brand in Vietnam

Some product strategies of Vinamilk

In addition to producing fresh milk, Vinamilk also has many other product lines welcomed by consumers. Most products share the common feature of focusing on quality to ensure taste and safety for users.

Probi Pedia+ drinking yogurt

The new Probi Pedia+ product line still maintains a similar plastic bottle design to Vinamilk Probi yogurt lines. However, this time it has been improved in appearance with a dark purple logo and bright yellow packaging. This helps the product be more easily recognizable compared to competitors.

According to Vinamilk’s announcement, Probi Pedia+ uses new processing technology, containing over 65 billion Probiotics CHR.HANSEN L.CASEI 431™ bacteria. Therefore, you will enhance intestinal microflora and supplement necessary minerals more effectively.

In particular, Vinamilk also focuses on young consumers, helping improve picky eating habits with various fruit flavors stimulating the taste. This is a strategy to address the major concern of parents. From there, they can be willing to pay for quality products for their children.

Vinamilk is one of the rare brands that ensure safe and nutritious quality for the healthy development of children. Continuous research and improvement help the business provide nutritious and suitable products for children at every stage of development.

Probi Pedia+ provides many probiotics to support digestion
Probi Pedia+ provides many probiotics to support digestion

Super Nut 9-grain milk

Super Nut milk was announced by Vinamilk in mid-2022. Accordingly, the product is produced in a closed process with modern technology lines and uses pure non-GMO raw materials. Initially, Vinamilk sold the product at the Vietnam Dream Milk store system, then expanded distribution through retail channels and distributors nationwide.

To obtain Super Nut, Vinamilk has invested heavily in new research and development technology. This is to meet nutritional needs and current consumption trends. Especially, Super Nut milk is suitable for sports lovers and active individuals who need to supplement nutrition, vitamins, and minerals.

Super Nut contains over 95% milk from 9 premium grains, bringing delicious and nutritious flavors. Therefore, customers can completely trust the quality and benefits of the product.

Super Nut milk is an excellent choice for providing nutrients
Super Nut milk is an excellent choice for providing nutrients

Vinamilk UHT fresh milk with bird’s nests

After a long time investing in research technology, Vinamilk has successfully combined the nutritional value of bird’s nests into fresh milk. Therefore, consumers can receive more vitamins and minerals with delicious flavors. This is also the first bird’s nest combined milk product in Vietnam, produced according to international standard processes, ensuring harmony and preserving the full nutritional value.

The product has high nutritional content, suitable for all family members. Fresh bird’s nests help maintain smooth skin, support patients’ quick recovery. At the same time, the product also provides many nutrients for young children and adolescents in the developmental stage.

Currently, Vinamilk has launched two versions of UHT fresh milk with bird’s nests with a capacity of 110ml and 180ml. Although the volumes may differ, the nutritional components in both types are equivalent, providing many suitable choices for daily use by all target groups.

Fresh milk with bird's nests is a special product line of Vinamilk
Fresh milk with bird’s nests is a special product line of Vinamilk

Vinamilk ColosGold imported non-pasteurized milk from the US

ColosGold is produced based on a special formula, suitable for the nutritional status of Vietnamese children today. Therefore, the product is an excellent choice for families concerned about the health of young children.

ColosGold milk is made from safe and premium ingredients directly imported from the US. Besides, the input quality also has to undergo strict testing processes. After being certified by the Food Safety Department and the Ministry of Health, it can be commercialized.

Since its launch, ColosGold has been widely distributed through online and direct retail channels. Consumers can easily purchase the product at mother and baby stores, supermarkets nationwide, or through Vinamilk’s website and e-commerce platforms.

ColosGold uses premium ingredients imported from the US
ColosGold uses premium ingredients imported from the US

Flex UHT fresh milk rich in calcium, lactose-free

This is the first lactose-free fresh milk product in Vietnam. Flex offers an ideal choice for consumers who want to maintain strong bones without digestive issues such as bloating or indigestion. Especially, the product still provides full vitamins, calcium, and many essential nutrients like regular fresh milk.

Moreover, Flex UHT fresh milk can also be used to make dishes and drinks such as smoothies, flans,… Thanks to modern UHT technology application, the product retains its delicious flavor and is easy to use without containing preservatives. This ensures the health safety of consumers.

Flex lactose-free fresh milk is a great choice for those with weak stomachs
Flex lactose-free fresh milk is a great choice for those with weak stomachs

Advantages and disadvantages of Vinamilk’s product development strategy

Although Vinamilk’s product strategy brings many successes, not all businesses can apply it. Here are the advantages and disadvantages to help you understand the issue better.


  • Vinamilk’s product diversity helps the brand meet various needs of consumers.
  • Vinamilk always strives to build sustainable relationships with milk ingredient suppliers. At the same time, the company also supports financially for dairy farm households to raise cows and purchase raw milk at high prices.
  • The production factories are strategically located near dairy cow farms to limit transportation time, thereby maintaining and improving the quality of milk sources.
  • Vinamilk’s product development strategy is closely integrated with the marketing mix strategy across multiple platforms to enhance brand recognition.
  • Vinamilk develops many nutrition centers to provide consulting services and indirectly introduce the company’s new


  • Vinamilk has not yet achieved complete self-sufficiency in its input raw materials. The company is still dependent on over 40% of the raw materials for processing liquid milk imported from abroad. This significantly affects the pricing decisions of the products.
  • Some demanding customers still harbor doubts about the product quality, especially the pure fresh milk line.
  • The market has not been fully exploited despite product diversification. The main reason is the competition from foreign liquid milk competitors.
Vinamilk's product development strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages
Vinamilk’s product development strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages


Vinamilk’s product strategies are useful case studies for business development. However, it is essential to accurately identify the strengths and weaknesses of your own business to apply them appropriately. Stay tuned to the Business Case Study section for more valuable strategies!

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