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How Much Does 1kg of Pork Cost? Today’s Pork Price List

Pork is one of the staple foods in many families’ meals. Additionally, the price of pork fluctuates over time and needs to be updated regularly. Let’s explore how much 1kg of pork costs with Kamereo in the following article!

Pork prices fluctuate over specific periods
Pork prices fluctuate over specific periods

How much is 1kg of pork?

The price of 1kg of pork in Vietnam ranges from 100,000 to 200,000 VND, depending on the type of pork, the region of purchase, and the time of purchase. Here are the reference prices for some common types of pork in Ho Chi Minh City on May 29, 2024:

  • Pork belly: 229,000 VND/kg
  • Shoulder pork: 115,000 VND/kg
  • Pork tail: 157,000 VND/kg
  • Pork ribs: 174,000 VND/kg

Note: The prices are for reference only and may vary depending on the time and place.

Pork Prices Range from 100,000 to 200,000 VND per kg
Pork Prices Range from 100,000 to 200,000 VND per kg

Detailed Pork Price List Today

The prices of processed pork vary by brand. Therefore, you should refer to each supplier to make a suitable choice. Below is the pork price list of some prominent brands:

Vissan Pork Price List

Vissan is one of the leading food companies in Vietnam. The company specializes in producing and trading fresh meat, frozen meat, and processed meat products. Here is today’s Vissan pork price list for your reference:

  • Fresh pork thigh: 155,000 VND/kg
  • Pork leg: 134,000 VND/kg
  • Deboned pork belly: 262,000 VND/kg
  • Pork belly: 197,000 VND/kg
  • Pork shoulder lean: 180,000 VND/kg
  • Pork shoulder: 150,000 VND/kg
  • Pork thigh and shoulder lean: 180,000 VND/kg

G Kitchen Pork Price List

G Kitchen clean pork is one of the products of the 3F Plus closed chain by GREENFEED Vietnam Group. This brand’s products are increasingly trusted by consumers. Here is today’s G Kitchen pork price list:

  • Pork thigh: 170,000 VND/kg
  • Pork shank (leg): 180,000 VND/kg
  • Deboned pork belly: 287,000 VND/kg
  • Pork belly: 218,500 VND/kg
  • Pork shoulder lean: 190,000 VND/kg

CP Pork Price List

The CP pork brand is familiar to consumers. The company uses modern technology in the “Feed – Farm – Food” production chain, improving quality and ensuring product safety. Here is today’s CP pork price list:

  • Fresh pork belly: 192,000 VND/kg
  • Fresh pork thigh: 144,000 VND/kg
  • Fresh pork shoulder lean: 164,000 VND/kg
  • Front pork leg: 118,000 VND/kg
  • Back pork leg: 118,000 VND/kg
  • Pork shoulder: 123,000 VND/kg
  • Deboned pork belly: 246,000 VND/kg
  • Pork shoulder lean: 163,000 VND/kg

San Hà Pork Price List

San Hà Co., Ltd specializes in producing and trading live poultry, frozen poultry, and processed food. The company’s standout feature is that all products are prepared and processed according to HALAH and HACCP standards. Here is today’s San Hà pork price list:

  • Fresh pork thigh: 90,000 VND/kg
  • Pork belly: 130,000 VND/kg
  • Pork shoulder lean: 125,000 VND/kg
  • Pork thigh lean: 110,000 VND/kg

Meat Deli Pork Price List

Meat Deli is a prominent food brand with a commitment to selecting each piece of meat from healthy pigs, undergoing three strict quarantine lines. The pork is processed and packaged with Oxy-Fresh 9 technology from Europe, and stored at 0-4 degrees Celsius from the factory to the consumer, ensuring freshness and nutrition. Here is today’s Meat Deli pork price list:

  • Fresh pork thigh: 149,000 VND/kg
  • Pork leg: 149,900 VND/kg
  • Deboned pork belly: 287,000 VND/kg
  • Pork belly: 187,000 VND/kg
  • Pork shoulder lean: 169,900 VND/kg
  • Pork shoulder: 139,900 VND/kg
  • Pork thigh lean: 139,900 VND/kg

Where to Buy Quality Pork at Good Prices?

If you are a restaurant, hotel, mini supermarket owner, and need to purchase pork in large quantities, please contact Kamereo for support. We are a reliable partner, providing a large quantity of meat, vegetables, and processing ingredients for about 2,000 businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.

All food products are carefully inspected by specialists based on specific quality standards before import. Kamereo’s unique feature is a modern preservation system that maintains the freshness of food. We also have a large team of shippers who can promptly deliver ingredients to your address, ensuring your business operations are not affected and providing a stable daily revenue stream.

Kamereo commits to providing genuine products directly sourced from manufacturers with clear origins. Currently, we support free shipping for orders valued from 400,000 VND. Customers with a total monthly bill over 20,000,000 VND will receive up to 1% cashback.

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Kamereo is a reputable B2B pork supplier in Ho Chi Minh City
Kamereo is a reputable B2B pork supplier in Ho Chi Minh City

Contact Information

Address: 1st Floor, The Manor Officetel Building, 89 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0812 46 37 27




Above is the answer to the question of how much is 1kg of pork. We hope this article provides useful information for you. Note that prices are for reference only and may change depending on the region and specific time. Follow the Q&A section for the latest updates!

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