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Decoding the Attraction of the “Frozen Beef Pho” Trend Recently

Emerging from the TikTok social media platform, the “frozen beef pho” has once again surprised everyone with its unique take on this traditional dish. Subsequently, various frozen versions of traditional dishes with all sorts of toppings have flooded the internet. So, what makes this dish so sought after? Let’s find out in this article with Kamereo!

An Overview of Frozen Ready-to-Eat Beef Pho

As introduced in the opening, recently, on social media, frozen beef pho has been attracting the attention of many diners. With innovation and creativity in cuisine, traditional pho, which can now be bought and stored for a quick indulgence when cravings strike, has gained popularity. According to many reviews, these bowls of pho are no different from those served in restaurants, with ample beef, rice noodles, fresh herbs, and broth. The online community is once again broadening its horizons because, besides that, various other frozen dishes are also available, providing more choices.


Behind the current trend of this sensational frozen beef pho is Ngan Hoa Foods, where this creative dish originated. Understanding consumers’ need for convenience, Ngan Hoa Foods researched and introduced a new product line featuring frozen traditional dishes like ready-to-eat frozen beef pho, ready-to-eat beef vermicelli, and many more. This has created a new, unique, and exciting culinary trend in enjoying traditional Vietnamese dishes. Instead of going to a pho restaurant or preparing it at home, you can quickly prepare and enjoy it instantly.


According to some TikTokers, this dish is ideal for busy people who still want to enjoy traditional dishes whenever they like. It’s especially convenient for families where each member has different tastes. You can buy and store it, then prepare it simultaneously, allowing everyone to enjoy their favorite flavors.

The name “frozen beef pho” actually comes from the state of pho just as it comes out of the kitchen, right before serving. It’s packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag and then frozen. A package of frozen beef pho includes broth, rice noodles, beef, along with scallions, herbs, and chili. Following the instructions, you simply need to boil the broth and cook for 8 minutes to have a piping hot bowl of beef pho.


In general, frozen beef pho closely resembles the pho we enjoy at traditional pho restaurants. The only difference is that it’s prepared in a frozen state, making it easy to store and enjoy at any time.

TikTok Community’s Reviews

Most of the product review videos on TikTok affirm that the appearance and taste of this pho closely resemble that of pho served in restaurants. Each person has their own impressions; the vermicelli and pho noodles maintain their soft and chewy texture, while the beef remains tender and juicy. As for the broth, some find it rich and flavorful, while others feel it’s slightly milder. In general, it’s worth trying at least once to see if frozen beef pho lives up to your expectations.


A bag of frozen pho is priced similarly to a bowl of pho in a restaurant, ranging from 55,000 VND per bowl. You can purchase this product at supermarkets, convenience stores, and online marketplaces.


With innovation and creativity in cuisine, frozen beef pho is bringing a fresh appeal to diners. Quick and convenient, you can enjoy this delicious dish anytime, anywhere. Don’t hesitate to give it a try to see if it is as delicious as you think it is!

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