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Cafe Show Vietnam 2019

  • Taku 

Another great exhibition in the F&B industry has concluded last week with about 200 exhibitors participated and several championships worth honouring!

KAMEREO team had a pleasure to come and broadened our knowledge about the art of coffee beans and coffee making in general. We were delighted by the experience; and would like to share some highlights of the event with anyone who were too busy to pay a visit.

Just like Food and Hotel Vietnam held a week before, anyone has to go through registration to get in…

Just opposite of the the visitor registration counter is a long display, we’ve decide to take a look…

Around 20 suppliers or more with their product sample, explanation and introduction on display just right outside the entry.

Alright! Let’s move inside and explore the show. After walking in, we saw a big coffee shop looking display area on the left and it was…

Trung Nguyen’s area was for coffee beans introduction, tables for guests and a coffee making counter. All of this look exactly like a normal Trung Nguyen coffee shop. Clever, right?

And just across from Trung Nguyen is another big display…

Vietblend was there with not just the introduction of their coffee but also other ingredients to make different kinds of drinks that any cafe would need.

They also had a coffee training station with professionals from Rich’s, Nice, Soul coffee, … The session gives a thorough explanation of the different types of coffee, which kind of bean would compliment which coffee as well as coffee making techniques.

Brewista and Dalla Corte had some impressive counters as well. Coffee making utensils and coffee bean on display, visitors were more than welcomed to take coffee samples. Their packagings and equipment was so eye-catching!

And Vietnam Signature Battle (VSB) was going on near by! VSB was about finding the new drink recipes to make the Vietnam F&B industry even more colourful and immersive. The champion was Đinh Thép
and runner-up was Lê Minh Tâm.

Hush and Golden Farm got some colourful display of fruit juice essence, syrups and other non-coffee ingredients…

Some other suppliers are:

One of the special suppliers was Kimmy’s chocolate, a cocoa bean and chocolate provider coming from 100% local cocoa tree. We all know Marou, which is already very well-known locally and international. Kimmy’s chocolate is in a similar market spectrum, however, they’re still very new.

And of course, we couldn’t miss out the an important event at Cafe Show Vietnam this year, the Vietnam National Barista Championship

As well as the Latte Art Championship

Find out more about the winners of these 3 champions here at:

The championships pretty much concluded the 3 day exhibition. As we headed our way out, we bumped into more gorgeous coffee bean suppliers who didn’t mind the show is ending in about 30 minutes. They took their time to introduced about the beans and kindly gave us some samples…

Soul Specialty Coffee kindly gave us some samples of cold brew using Arabica, Robusta. The Robusta Honey Espresso tasted like a strong but then left behind a sweet note. Amazing coffee!

The Married Beans also had a beans display, allowing us to smell the different coffee beans. Some of them even smelled a bit like chocolate. After holding the beans, it smelled so good that it left a scent behind in your palm.

These are the powders used to clean coffee machine. The powder meant to effective clean the machine, prolong the lifetime of the machines as well as protecting our skin. Pretty cool!

One last lovely thing before we conclude this blog! How cool is this colour changing cup from Love Ceramics. Well, it’s not exactly a new concept, but it would be cool if we get served with one of these at a coffee shop.

Now that we have come to the end of the blog, we hope everyone, who didn’t get to go, has now got a better picture about the event. It was such a lively and fun event, lots of good coffee as well! We’ve already looked forward to next year’s Cafe Show just right when we walked about of the hall.

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Taku Tanaka

Taku Tanaka