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6 best cafes in Saigon

We have a lot of cafes serving from the traditional Vietnamese ca phe sua da to a rich cup of Italian Cappuccino. But for the true coffee lovers, finding a place, with a perfect coffee blend, beans roasted just right for an excellent aroma, is quite difficult in a “sea” of coffee shops in HCMC.

Worry not! KAMEREO will give you the ultimate 6 coffee shops that any coffee lover must visit when in Saigon. They’re all coffee specialty places and know your coffee well.
Here we go!


Situated in District 2, BABROS is a specialty coffee roaster with a wide variety coffee brands sourced locally and internationally. The brand serves coffee in store as well but also has a coffee stand called Takka Coffee Stand using all beans from BABROS.

Their store has a very coffee lab with a touch of retro look. All coffee beans and coffee making equipments are on display neatly, with a purpose of decoration and also all for sell.

The LangBiang Honey and LangBiang Washed are the two types of beans they carefully selected locally. Fresh crops are processed into amazing coffee beans with distinctive aroma and decent coffee strength!

They also have their signature Saigon Ca Phe for a perfect cup of traditional Ca Phe Sua Da or Ca Phe Den Da for those who want to “engulf” the well roasted scent and bitterness and pure Viet coffee grounds.

They also have foreign types of coffee bean such as the ETHIOPIA Shakiso, GUATEMALA Esperanza and BRAZIL Rubi Santana all as fresh and high quality as the local ones.

They serve amazing Vietnamese coffee using different in house beans based on your preference.

And of course, Italian styled coffees like Cappuccino or Latte…

Address: 199M Nguyễn Văn Hưởng, Thảo Điền, District 2

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Now this one is a bit new than the rest! About Life is a Tokyo’s popular specialty coffee stand brought to Vietnam by Pizza 4P’s.

The coffee just had it’s grand opening last April with the first location just underneath Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung. The menu is small but very compact, enough to cover the basics that a coffee fanatic needs. They currently serve Espresso based coffees, cold brew, drip coffee and latte.

Coffee is made from beans and coffee grounds from their exclusive coffee roaster ONIBUS COFFEE (Tokyo).

The price is not too expensive for an international brand that offers quality coffee as well. A single shot of Espresso is 40k and a double shot latter goes up to only 65k. Not bad for a rich cup of coffee.

Since the grand opening, they usually have workshops on drip brewing, hand-drip, public cupping for free and so on… for coffee lovers to brew their own cups at home.

Address: Ground Floor, 151B Hai Ba Trung, Ward 6, District 3

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Founded by a very skilled and famous barista in Saigon with a passion to honour the beauty of coffee making and the love for coffee in general.

They currently have 2 stores, both in D1, with decors that speak coffee brewer and roastery to anyone that walks through the door.

The menu besides some specialty coffee like Italian coffee from Arabica beans, pour over coffee and cold drip, they also have hand picked tea and smoothies for people to try! Here it is.

Their coffee has a smoothness and then a kick of bitterness and thick aroma that any drinker would appreciate. The latte art with Arabica bean would please any coffee snob we believe; the richness just can’t be compared. Using the beans sourced by themselves, the store make sure every coffee served is pure goodness and would wake you up instantly.

Coffee making here is an art and a simple cup of Cappuccino is enough to represent their brewing quality.

Besides functioning a coffee shop, they also sell coffee beans, coffee making utensils, coffee filters and decors such as wooden plates!

Address: 151/5 Dong Khoi St ( 1st floor ), District 1 and 12 Dang Thi Nhu , District 1

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Every coffee cup served at Bosgaurus is a journey from farm to cup of locally sourced coffee beans. The brand was founded with the owner’s love and passion for locally sourced Arabica beans, with the hope to have 100% Arabica Sua Da that would honour the beauty of Vietnamese coffee.

Their store looks like a real experimental lab.

But their cups of coffee looks even more like a state of art.

Rosie and Missy are their two brand new drinks launched this March and they both have very unique flavours. Rosie like its name, has a hint of floral note, a touch of sweetness and topped with their amazing espresso. Missy on the other hand has a bitter-sweet chocolate flavour, then again topped with espresso.

Besides these two new signature drinks, they also focus on espresso based coffee, craft coffee using beans of the day and Vietnamese coffee. But the special thing about their Vietnamese coffee is that you can pick between two styles: Fumee and Bigsmoke. In short, Fumee is for those who like a modern touch to their Viet coffee with the flavor of semi-dark chocolate and peanut butter. Bigsmoke is for those who like the “intense flavor of dark chocolate, rich caramelly mouthfeel and smoky bitter finish is your ideal coffee”.

Address: 92 Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh, ,Villa 1D5 , Sai Gon Pearl, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District.

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The Workshop is pretty well known amongst locals and travellers in Saigon as a place to get some work done while sipping on a well made coffee cup.

The Workshop is a specialty store with quite a large menu to choose from. Their Espresso-based coffee like Cappuccino and Latte has a strong coffee aroma yet blended really well with the milk, then an aftertaste of the smoothness will last on your mind for awhile after several sips.

They have 3 different bars:

  • Espresso bar with your traditional Italian style coffee. However, you can choose your own Espresso blend, each blend will be explained with their origins and taste notes to assist your selection.
  • Slow bar including several styles such as pour over, immersion, cold brew and cold drip.

Besides, they also have food on the menu like sandwiches and pasta for those hungry stomachs!

Address: 27 Ngo Duc Ke, Ben Nghe, D.1 (2nd floor)

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6. TALK BARISTA SAIGON – Organic Coffee & Specialty Coffee Lab

The names speaks for itself with this one. This cafe is where knowledge about coffee making, barista experienced is shared on a monthly basis. And of course, along with that, their espresso-based coffee and cold brew are customers’ favourite with coffee beans they hand selected and roast.

Talk Barista Saigon is not just a place anyone can come for a good cup of coffee, but also a place for anyone to learn about the art of coffee making.

Their menu is quite small compares the other cafes we mention above. Perhaps, they make a condensed menu to focus on the quality of every cup of coffee going out to customers. The menu includes traditional espresso based cups like Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, as well as Vietnamese styled coffee, cold brew and chocolate.

Their coffee beans are hand selected locally and with integrity by their barista, which makes their coffee better and more special.

If you want to learn more about coffee, make some friends and more importantly, enjoy great coffee, then Talk Barista Saigon is a place for you.

Address: 81 Truong Dinh, Ward.6, Dist.3

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