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La Boulangerie Française HCMC – A French bakery that warms your heart

La Boulangerie Francaise was launched in 1999 on the initiative of a couple of 2 Vietnamese scientists who wanted to further support disadvantaged youth in Hue and saw the opportunities to develop a French bakery training facility.

La Boulangerie Francaise was first launched in Hue with just 10 students aged from 16 to 22 trained under the supervision and guidance of 2 French students, one of whom has now become the Director of Operations for Institut Européen de Coopréation et de Développement – a French NGO – in South-East Asia. La Boulangerie Francaise Hue also received a lot of support and monitoring from Aide à l’Enfance du Vietnam right from the beginning.

Since then, La Boulangerie Francaise Hue has been growing steadily and achieved substantial results: as of mid-2019, 90 students graduated, 95% of them are employed. The school is able to finance 90% of all its costs by themselves with the development of an innovative economic model.

In 2016, a partnership between Thu Duc College of Technology and The European Institute of Cooperation and Development brought La Boulangerie Francaise to Ho Chi Minh City.

La Boulangerie Francaise HCMC is a project that trains disadvantaged students between the age of 18 to 23 from different parts of Vietnam helps them find their own future path. Currently, most students recruited are from the central and Southern parts of Vietnam. Hopefully, we can spread the words and reach students from provinces further away as well!!

The recruited students – chosen on socio-economic criteria and on their motivation – will complete their training at La Boulangerie Francaise HCMC facility within the Thu Duc College of Technology. The one year program is as follow:

  • One year of apprenticeship at the training facility under the supervision of two trainers who are former students of La Boulangerie Française, and following a curriculum inspired by the French professional certificate in bakery
  • 4 to 6 months internship at the end of their training

The program provides a high-quality practical and theoretical training. With their success and experience of La Boulangerie Francaise Hue, under the mentorship of well-trained bakery experts, students at La Boulangerie Francaise HCMC are going to have a chance to grown under professional training and guidance.
Each year, the school recruits 20 students and the team is thus able to provide them with individual support and to ensure a close follow-up of their progress.

KAMEREO team arrived at 9am so the first shipment and bread has gone out, since they send all their bread out to customers very early everyday to make sure that the bread is still fresh and ready for a busy selling day. That means the students will start their baking at around 6am. So early, right!

It is exciting to see the products made by students are coming out as commercially viable products, being served at some well-known coffee shops in town such as Marcel café, The Mach Coffee, Zuzu Concept Store… That is such a major encouragement for students to always try their best!

We also got to saw a batch of bread being baked, it looks like sour-dough! 

And we got some samples as well!

The croissant here tasted to buttery and light that we think it can easily compete for the prize of best croissant in Saigon!

Besides, the school also offers additional English and life skills classes for students, thus giving students the tools for their professional and personal growth.

The school also prepare their students with life skills that can provide them a smoother career path and may be personal life as well!

The students are staying in the school, living and learning together as a family. The school covers all costs, the only fee that students have to pay is a participating fee, but the fee is quite small it’s almost symbolic. The program also offers internships for students as part of their training journey to make sure that once completed, students are ready to take on a professional job. After one and a half year in operation, the project is thriving fast and is still on its journey to reach the aim of self-financing 90% of their costs. We hope La Boulangerie Francaise will grow even faster and receive more and more support; so more unlucky youngsters out there would have a better chance to turn their life around and build a brighter future. 

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