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Discover Vietnamese Avocados with Kamereo

Vietnam is a culinary paradise that captivates many diners and is considered a paradise of unique avocados exported internationally. Avocado is one of the fruits that contain many nutritious vitamins and is processed by many people into a variety of classic, modern and creative dishes in both Western and Eastern styles. In this article, let’s explore avocado varieties in Vietnam with Kamereo and learn their distinctive flavour characteristics.

Butter 5 Long

The 5 Long avocado season usually takes place from April to August every year.

5 Long avocado is one of the speciality avocado lines of Vietnam, belonging to the butter wax which originated from Dong Nai. Their external appearance resembles that of Booth No. 8 avocados, because of their oval shape and smooth glossy blue skin.

When ripe, the 5 Long avocados have a high waxiness, the flesh is light yellow, the taste is light sweet and the aroma is pleasant, when eaten, you will feel the greasy taste. This line of avocados has quite large seeds, accounting for about 40-50% of the avocado core. Avocado 5 Long is often used as a smoothie, salad or eaten alone with salt and lemon juice.

Nameless Butter

With a strange name Nameless, a “name like no name”, this is an unnamed grafted avocado variety originating from Cam My (Dong Nai). The No Name Avocado Season usually runs from March to July every year. This medium-sized avocado is round to slightly oval in shape, with green, smooth skin. The flesh has an eye-catching yellow colour with a soft texture and sweet taste. It is often used in traditional Vietnamese dishes or enjoyed naturally.

Nameless Butter (Collectible Image)

Avocado 034

Avocado 034 is a domestic avocado variety in Vietnam, originating from a contest to select high-yielding avocado varieties in Lam Dong province. Known for its impressive size and fancy elongated shape, its glossy, dark green shell. The outstanding feature of this avocado line is the high percentage of fruit pulp and no fibre (almost 100% meat because the avocado seeds are small with only the lower tuber) so the fat content in the fruit is maximized. Avocado 034 is very popular with people because of its moderate sweetness, suitable for many dishes such as smoothies, salads, avocado spreads, desserts…

Harvest time is off-season from March to May and off-season from September to November.

Avocado 034 (Collectible Pictures)

Dak Lak Avocado

Dak Lak avocado originates from France, was introduced to our country in the XXVI century and is popularly grown in Dak Lak province. Dak Lak avocado is one of the most sought-after fruits in Vietnam. This avocado has a glossy green skin, is relatively thick, and is easy to peel. The flesh is creamy and smooth, light yellow in colour and has a rich buttery flavour with a hint of sweetness. Dak Lak avocado is the ideal ingredient to make guacamole sauce, spread or combine with many dishes. The harvest season will be from May to September every year.

Daklak Butter (collection)

Booth avocado

Booth avocado is an avocado variety originating from the Americas, introduced to Vietnam a few years ago and grown in many provinces in the Central Highlands. Booth avocado has a round shape, shaped like a ball, the skin when ripe is slightly yellowish green, and the skin is tight but not glossy, with many rough veins. The flesh of Booth butter is bright yellow, flexible, mild in flavour and fatter than regular butter. The larger the size of the butter, the more fragrant it will be. Therefore, this type of avocado is processed into spreads, salads and served with savoury dishes. The avocado season will start from May to September every year.

Booth avocado

Sap avocado

Sap avocado is grown very popularly in Vietnam, is grown a lot in the mountains of the Central Highlands and is gradually becoming the most popular avocado variety. Genuine butter wax will have a green colour, the skin is slightly rough and shiny, and has many yellow spots. In terms of shape, wax butter is shaped like an egg, not too round and not too long. When ripe, the fruit’s flesh will be dark yellow, when eaten properly, it usually has a light sweet and soft, greasy taste in the throat cavity. This dish is often used by Vietnamese people to make smoothies with condensed milk. Harvest time for this type of avocado is from April to August.

Sap avocado (Collectible picture)

When is the low season for avocados?

January is considered the low season for avocados in Vietnam. During this time, the market has reduced the availability of avocados, resulting in higher prices than at other times in buying. Finding out-of-season avocados can also be difficult, or you can discover other fruits that are popular in January at Kamereo’s shopping site.

Where can you buy avocado?

Vietnam boasts a remarkable range of avocado varieties, each with unique characteristics, flavours and culinary applications. From the attractive 5 Long Avocado variety with finger-sized slices to the delicious Dak Lak Bo variety grown in the fertile Dak Lak province, there is no shortage of delicious avocados to discover and enjoy in this vibrant country. Kamereo offers seasonal avocados at reasonable prices for the F&B business.

Discover avocado varieties in Vietnam with Kamereo here.

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