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Ga Met Quan review – by Cheri The Glutton

Ga Met Quan: Hidden Chicken Paradise In Saigon

When choosing a restaurant, there are many factors to consider. But it is the location that is the crucial factor when it comes to business meetings. I chose this restaurant because of the proximity to my friends’ office. I actually hadn’t tried this place yet, so was worried if it’s good or not. When I met with them there, they told me

”We’ve been here before. It’s really nice”, so I was kinda relieved and got excited to try.


There are many expats live around Nguyen Thi Minh Khai st. nowadays, but a lot of good local foods are still available in this area. So I’ve introduced several ones on my blog before but …

I’ve totally missed this one…. I had passed by here countless times but didn’t notice this place existed here. It’s really hard to tell this is a restaurant, right?…(Cheri, it’s your role to find out a hidden gem…)

But people have already known where the good food is apparently, and the ground floor was packed, so we went to the 2nd floor.

I wouldn’t say this place is particularly gorgeous but tables and chairs are beautifully made of bamboo and it’s pretty neat overall.

The menu is all about chicken. In Vietnamese as you can see.

Oh, they have English menu too but some letters are missing.. I guess you can be imaginative to fill out the blank.

They have a huge signature dish apparently. As we went there as a group of 4 people, they suggested it to us. Ok, let’s see what it’s like!

The Ultimate Chicken Combo

It’s not a whole chicken cooked in a monotonous style, but It was actually many parts of chicken cooked in a variety of styles.

Having written before, An Nam Quan have a similar plate like this and they still seem to be very popular.

Back to this restaurant, the plate comes with fried chicken, steamed chicken and roasted chicken. It also has sausages made of offal, which look like a Korean sundae. Wow, really good!

As you might know, Vietnamese chickens are not that fatty, so it’s somewhat hard to eat. For those feel troublesome to have bony food, this is not for you! I would suggest other dishes on the menu such as grilled ones.   

But I must say these ones are really good with beer. Bring me some beer right now, please!

Can you see the fried chickens on the left? It’s probably cooked with rice flour which embraced the chicken and other flavours. I hadn’t tried this distinctive taste before. That’s why it’s so good! I got addicted to this…

Of course the vegetables next to chickens were nice too, but what I liked the most was..

This! I know, I know. It’s a bit gross, right? Not many people like chicken feet. Everytime I go for dim sum, my friends get cringed when I order chicken feet.. So I do know it’s not that pleasant for some people.     

But this chicken feet was even tastier than the ones at any fabulous chinese place I’d tried. Seriously, I can eat this all day long!!

The menu says beer is just 15k. Fascinating! Why don’t we drink with these nibbles? It would be wonderful!

Oh, speaking of the nibbles, they have another one. It’s what is known as scorched rice.

In Vietnam, they make steamed rice dried under the sun first and then fry it. It’s thin and crunchy.

And this scorched rice comes with PATE!! It’s slightly heated up. It tastes like a heated corned beef. Beautiful! Oh, I need a beer right now. Em oooooi, where’s my beer!?  

We paid 400k for 4 people this time and we had more than enough. It was lunch and you might eat more than us but still it’s quite affordable.

Honestly, there’s no frills here. But if you are looking for a casual drinking place with good nibbles or a place you can eat as much as you want, this place is for you♪

Restaurant Details

Ga Met Quan

15k  Nguyen Thi MInh Khai Q1

Time : 09:00 – 22:00

Spent : 150,000 vnd / person

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