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Introducing Cheri The Glutton

We are lucky enough to launch our blog media with a collaboration with beloved blogger Cheri The Glutton from Japan!

About Cheri The Glutton

Cheri is a Saigon bases Japanese food and lifestyle blogger. Ms. Cheri has been living in Saigon for 8 years and she loves to explore the food culture of Vietnam.
We would love to start our introduction with a little bit of Cheri’s interesting background.

KAMEREO had a chance to sit down with Cheri before our launch. We had a lovely chat about her blogging journey, she’s a spirit that anyone would love!

So why the name Cheri The Glutton? Cheri is her nick name and the Glutton means Big Eater in French. A very suitable name for a food lover and a food blogger like herself!
Cheri shared that her inspirations to constantly try new cuisines and dishes come from her love for the interesting food situation in HCMC, so many amazing dishes to try out! Since she loves her stay in Vietnam, Cheri also would like to use her media influence to present to the world how delightful the food culture in Vietnam is!
She wrote her first blogs for a more personal purpose, like a private memo for herself. After 2 years, with a lot of views and supports from her friends and viewers, Cheri’s blog started to grow much bigger, having a larger audience.
Cheri is well trusted amongst the Japanese expats in Vietnam as well as in Japan. On a monthly base, she would have about 30 blog posts up with 15,000 to 30,000 views. She tries new food every week and her list is a combination of places she comes by on the street or recommendations from friends or blog followers.
Here’s a look at her colourful blog page!

Cheri’s blog is unique to her readers with her delightful but informative writing style. She doesn’t just write a simple review like ones you can find anywhere on the internet. She tells a story from the moment she walks into the restaurant till the end of her meals. All her feelings about decors, the staff, the vibes and of course about the food are told in a funny and very personal way. Yet! her readers feel so relatable and like they’ve been to the restaurant themselves.
Cheri covers a lot of restaurant in HCMC! Think of a well known restaurant in Saigon and Cheri probably has a review for you.

Another scroll through her main page and we already see a lot of yummy reviews!
Her blog is not just for reviews only. There are also recipes of her own using Vietnamese seasonings / ingredients to cook Japanese dishes or simply dishes of her own creation!
And for her fellow Japanese readers, she even have coupons for different discounts. How amazing!

Cheri The Glutton on KAMEREON

It is our pleasure to be featuring Cheri’s blog on our media. What can be more wonderful than having fun but insightful review on KAMEREON. Each week we will feature a review by Cheri so a wider audience of English and Vietnamese readers can have a chance to enjoy her reviews as well.
We know that everyone would be as excited as we are!

If you’re a Japanese reader, here is Cheri’s blog:

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Taku Tanaka

Taku Tanaka