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[Delivery] Marcel Gourmet Burger review – by Cheri The Glutton

There are many foreigners in Ho Chi Minh, so we can easily find a gourmet burger here. But this restaurant is by far the best!

How convenient the beautiful world we live in!

When finding a good food, we need a reliable source. If you are following a website or a blog managed by a particular person (like me), you can tell “Oh, this blog is good, that website is mediocre” but when it comes to random review websites, you know…..there are some excellent reviews right next to poor ones. Google maps, for example, has many many users but some people would give a 5-star for “cheap filling stuff”. So those ratings are very rough. Of course, food reviews have a lot of foodies, they are to some extent reliable. Our tastes are still different, so we have to actively choose good ones.   

Or your acquaintance might say ”That place was nice”, but it might not be for you too, right? So compatibility with the person is quite important. By having a conversations or sharing some meals with a person, you could tell if he/she has the same taste as you. I have those compatible friends, and one of the gourmet friends suggested this place.

Whaaaat!? Quite close to Marou!? Where!? I didn’t know at all…

(Btw, Vietnammm ads on Google maps nowadays. “Your favourite Marcel Gourmet Burger meal delivered to you” Wow, brilliant!)  

I was wondering “You know, I often visit this area, so I can stop by maybe on next Thursday”…. But once I googled the place and found this Vietnammm ad, I had ordered already…

How convenient the beautiful world we live in!

Fast Delivery

Honestly, order condition is up to when and where you order. I’ve tried the   same place many times, but I cannot say ”This place is definitely fine”, so don’t wanna rely on it too much. Just relax and use it casually.

Though there were combos with fries and etc., I had already prepared for some meals for the day. So I just ordered burgers. Could be 1 but since he recommended it to me, so I chose the tempting 2 burgers on the menu this time.

Signature burger with raclette and burger with blue cheese for cheese lovers. Excited!

It got delivered carefully and sooner than I expected.

Wow, so cute! Usually burgers are wrapped by paper, so box outside is not necessary. But this box is made of good material. So luxurious.

This wrapping paper is good too. Sometimes wrapping paper ruins the buns and makes it so wet, right. So you can tell this place is so dedicated to their business.

The portion of the burger is somewhat small especially if you are used to the western style big burgers like my favourite Lamb Burger from Relish & Sons.  

So this burger would be nice to eat casually, I guess.

A new type of pate

Ok, Let’s unwrap!

Woooow!! Look at the buns! Yummmm

Yes, buns play a huge role in burgers. I personally prefer dry-ish lighter buns. And I don’t need solid or chewy buns for burgers. The lighter, the better. For those buns embrace the meat and its juice, and that creates a great harmony.    

How ideal it is!

What’s more, a glossy golden finish is carefully put on the bun, making it a wonderful brioche bun. It also looks tasty as it is.

Anyways, the buns here are the best for the burger.

I wonder if they bake by themselves or where they buy them.

This yellow loooong line on the photo is actually raclette hanging onto the wrapping paper. Buns are light and thick, so go with gorgeous pate inside.   

The one with blue cheese looks more modest but it comes with Shiitake mushroom, sautéed spinach and so on, they are giving a great impact as a whole. Now I know why it’s called “Gourmet” burger.

Raclette burger was good. I mean if you would like cheese moderately, I would suggest it to you. But If you would like to go wild with cheese, choose blue cheese one. I would go only for blue cheese one from now on. Wait, I should try other burgers here too…


Look at this pate!

You can choose how the pate would be like, and I went with medium this time. (You know, there weren’t many gourmet burger places like this in my hometown, so I felt so privileged when I came to Saigon)

This pate is not only medium right on, but also fluffy and melting, but not so fatty. Perfect! Not like typical burgers with solid dry pate.

I’m sure they are using binder for the pate, but I’ve never experienced this type of pate before. Of course somewhat dry pate with texture is wild and good too. In a sense, they re-invented a burger.

The pate made with carefully selected herbs, so juicy and moist but not too much flavour in it. So we can still enjoy the red meat itself. Such a gourmet joint! The burger is so harmonious and so smooth in my mouth. I can almost DRINK it (Wait, Cheri! you can’t!)

When you feel like a burger next time, just try this place. It’s not cheap obviously, but the burger is by far the best!

But I need to point out one thing. They try to keep the taste of their burger as simple as it can be for the better. So if you are accustomed by the strong flavour, you might want to add some flavour like salt, black pepper or chilli to it. I put Cheri’s homemade bechamel sauce on it. More calories, yayyy!

I will visit their restaurant next time!

*Side note

Off the record, when it comes delivery from here, fries are not quite as good as when having it on the spot.… My friend said that to me too. So you skipped it on my order. You should get it at the restaurant to taste the full flavour, instead. Burgers are incredible even on delivery, though.

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