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5 best ramen restaurants in Saigon

Amidst so many Ramen places in Saigon, it is hard for a non Ramen pro to decide where to go for an authentic and quality experience. Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Here are the top 5 Ramen places that any Ramen fan must try at least once:


IPPUDO is one of the most famous Japanese ramen restaurant chain that has locations in some big cities like New York, L.A, London, Melbourne, Singapore, … The restaurant is franchised to Viet Nam and currently run by Pizza 4p’s. IPPUDO recently opened a restaurant in District 7, Saigon and needless to say, from the atmosphere to the food, it’s an all-in-one amazing package!

The restaurant is pretty new, just in operation for several months now. IPPUDO allows customers to choose between different types of noodles, adjusting spicy level and how salty they want their ramen to be, all catered to personal tastes.
Some highlights of ramen is the Karaka special – this noodle special with extra toppings and much spicier broth; and the classic Shiromaru ramen. Besides, there are plenty of good choices for light dishes like grilled dumplings and Aburi Salmon Roll ( very creamy taste combined with fresh salmon)

Looks yummy, isn’t it? Come try the famous IPPUDO ramen with personalised touches for your own taste.

Address: 1 – 3 MD2, Area A – Do Thi Nam Thanh Pho, Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phu ward, District 7.

Average 150k/pax


Mutahiro is a small but very cozy ramen place tucked away in an alley in district 1, owned and run by Japanese owner and chef. They offer quite a wide range of ramen, known for their rich ramen soup and of course the famous chicken ramen. The menu here focuses a lot on different types of ramen so don’t expect a big variety of other Japanese foods.

They also offer a unique type of ramen, non-soup ramen, very popular in Japan but not many ramen places in Vietnam have it.
If you have chance to go here, ask for Abura Soba to give it a try!
The restaurant opens until 2 in the morning so it’s the best place for hungry people who just got off a late party or just simply ones with late night ramen cravings.

Address: 8A/G8B Thai Van Lung, Ben Nghe, District 1.

Average 150k+/pax


This is another ramen place that is already quite well known in Japan with international stores. Danbo ramen has been around in Saigon for more than 3 years. Located within the Japanese area of Saigon where there is probably one ramen shop on each corner. They’ve just opened a second store in Thao Dien,District 2 in 2018. Danbo ramen is known for a menu with good variety of ramen and the authentic taste of it.

It’s a cozy space and customers are to sit at the bar. It’s not too inconvenient, the tables are designed so that the cooking will not affect customers but enough for people to see the chefs making yummy ramen!
Again, the menu is not too big with mostly ramen types, some other small side dishes and rice. The must-try at Danbo are their signature Tonkotsu ramen and flavoured egg ramen, very rich broth with well cooked toppings of Chashu and Tamago.

If anyone feels like having some finger food along with their ramen, Dando does amazing grilled dumplings and fried chicken served with salad, mayonnaise sauce, pepper, lemon.
The restaurant is also a popular late night choice since it’s opened until 1am. Ramen is a great comfort food after an evening of drinking.

Address: 8A/7B1 Thai Van Lung, Ben Nghe, District 1.
98 Xuan Thuy, Thao Dien, District 2.

Average 150K+/pax


Tomidaya is an alley’s ramen gem. The place is always full of customers and people waiting outside even though the seat capacity, like Danbo, is a bit tight. Tomidaya is praised by so many people to be the best ramen in town. The restaurant is known for great Shoyu ramen with perfectly cooked Chashu being many customers’ favourite.

The menu is pretty short but packed with nothing but good ramen. The most popular dish here is Syo-yu ramen and Tokusei Tsukemen.
Syo-yu ramen is ramen with Chashu, green onion, bamboo shoot and seaweed. This stands out to customers with rich ramen broth, noodles is just a bit chewy in a perfect wat and the Chashu is so soft it would just melt in your mouth.
Tokusei Tsukemen is like an all in one ramen, it has every thing from Chashu, Tamago, bamboo shoot, bean sprouts … However, note that the broth for this ramen might be a bit too salty for those who are not so used to richer ramen soup.

A bowl of Tsukemen with some extra toppings and Otsumami (side dish) would fill up a hungry stomach just fine. The portion for one ramen here is bigger than other ramen restaurants.

One more thing, if anyone is up for a spicy noodle experience, they have Goranshin Ramen. It is extremely spicy so order this with your own caution! We’re pretty sure the employees there will warn you and advise to go down 50% of spiciness. If you think your taste bud can take this then go for a challenge!

Address: 15B/79 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe, District 1.

Average 150K – 200K/pax

Ramen ENO

Probably most Japanese living in Vietnam has heard about ENO for its famous chef and his unique Jiro ramen. Ramen Jiro is known for its large portions and its distinctly flavoured broth, which enthusiasts call “Jirorian style”. Eno is also the name of the owner, a meticulous Japanese man with a passion for ramen.

ENO has moved its location from Su Van Hanh , District 10 to Thu Duc and now closed temporarily before moving permanently to Birdie club in District 1 in May, 2019.

The noodles here is a bit thicker than the type of thinner ramen noodles that most people are used to. It’s homemade by the owner himself.

It doesn’t look like the ramen noodles that we usually see, right? But that doesn’t mean that’s it going to be tough and too chewy. The noodles is in the right texture that compliments the broth.
One bowl only has 2 pieces of Chashu but they are BIG pieces. Chashu here comes in much thicker cut but still melts in your mouth with every bite. That’s the beauty of ENO ramen.

Customers can choose to add minced garlic on top to boost the flavour!
ENO is not situated in the centre of Saigon (well, not yet so far) so the place is very simple and cozy, it doesn’t look like a fancier ramen place.
The price is really affordable for a bowl of quality ramen. A normal bowl of ramen at ENO is 90K and enough for an average person to feel full after. If anyone got a bigger appetite then go for a larger one which only costs around 120K.

Average 100K – 150k/pax

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Taku Tanaka

Taku Tanaka